6 ways to overcome anxiety for sexual performance and improve in bed

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Before thinking that performance anxiety and erectile dysfunctions are one and the same, read this.

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Men, we know that sleeping with your partner with the desire to get some action, but not acting and rolling to sleep is not the ideal way you want your night to end. But if this is happening to you often, you should know that you are not alone. inability to reach climax or lose an erection halfway It is quite common in men, especially in those who live a stressful life: having a demanding job, financial crises, etc. This could lead to sexual performance anxiety Where you fail to climax or lose an erection halfway. Yes, it can be embarrassing and this could make your relationship go wrong. But before thinking about the worst, let us assure you that performance anxiety is not the same as erectile dysfunction where you do not get an erection despite a stimulus. In contrast, in performance anxiety, you may have an erection and lose it during the course of the action. This makes it difficult for you and your partner to get enough action. The reasons for performance anxiety could be any stress, anxiety, depression, low testosterone, nerve damage, alcohol abuse and smoking, etc. Here we are talking about ways to overcome anxiety about performance and how to make sex pleasurable:

Take out the stress of your bedroom: Most of the time, performance anxiety is due to stress: work stress, financial stress or stress in other aspects of your relationship. Sometimes, sexual stress builds up after you have not had an orgasm before with your partner. Most men continue to insist on failed sexual attempts in which they failed to reach a climax and satisfy their partner. These experiences make the ego submerge in men and continue repeating the scenario over and over again. Free yourself from the stress of your previous failed performance and start over. In fact, take a deep breath and begin to focus on your partner and your desires. No, she is not judging you by your previous performance in bed, otherwise, she would have been with you again. Then, trust yourself and consciously enter the act. A quick tip: take a few sips of red wine before starting the action. Remember only A few sips to start your libido., not a whole bottle that would embarrass even a sleeping beauty.

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Participate in the previous games So you think The foreplay is a woman's thing. and they need it to get into action and be in the mood. Well, this is also true for you. Men would like to avoid the foreplay and take action. But if the anxiety about performance has been bothering you for a while, then knowing how to participate in a bit of pregaming could help. Erotic massages, kisses, cuddles and caresses help a lot to get loaded and go crazy in bed. So, men, listen, it's always better to keep those touches and kisses before the main act. The foreplay is also for men.

Exercise: A sedentary lifestyle coupled with unhealthy eating habits causes the body to become slow and hinder blood circulation. The lack of adequate blood circulation, especially in the area of ​​the penis, can cause problems with the erection and cause performance anxiety. So transport yourself either in the morning or in the afternoon. If you are not interested in losing weight, remember that exercise can do wonders to improve your sex life.

Give up your vices: Smoking and alcohol affect your sex life like no other. They lead to erection problems, delay orgasm and kill sexual desire as well. So giving up these vices can help improve your performance in bed.

Talk with your partner: Men, the biggest mistake you make is to hide the problem from your partner. Many times, talking with your partner about performance anxiety can help relieve stress and help you perform without having too many expectations of yourself. Your partner can be understanding and helpful enough to find ways to enjoy intimacy if intercourse is not a possibility. This trust and companionship can help overcome anxiety about performance and also improve in bed.

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Go to a therapist: Sometimes, even with the best of your efforts, it is difficult to overcome the performance anxiety with these measures. If you have tried any other remedy under the sun and still can not overcome the anxiety about performance, talk to a therapist for help. Therapies such as guided meditation, stress management, couple therapy, sexual therapy and even sex education can help.

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