6 Surprising benefits of an infrared sauna

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Enjoying an infrared sauna It can be a wonderful way to improve your overall health, especially if you have limited skills or injuries.

What is an infrared sauna?

An infrared sauna is a type of sauna that uses infrared radiation to generate heat, instead of the traditional approach of hot stones and steam. Basically, a normal sauna will heat the air, which will gradually warm your body, causing you to sweat, but infrared saunas can work more quickly to heat the body, providing similar health effects. [1] There is some debate about the safety of infrared saunas, but there is little evidence of any danger, in addition to the basic side effects of overheating in any type of sauna.

Unlike traditional saunas, infrared saunas can work much faster, heating the body in a matter of minutes. For those who want the effects of a sauna, without being seated in a suffocating room for thirty minutes, this is a popular option. While these saunas are not as widely available as traditional saunas, they are increasing in popularity. The two main types of the infrared sauna are far-infrared saunas and near-infrared lamp saunas. The first uses radiation waves at the far end of the infrared spectrum, while the second uses waves that are more able to penetrate the body and heat it effectively. These saunas of near infrared lamps can heat the body without heating the air around it, which is more comfortable for some people.

Benefits of the infrared sauna

The most impressive benefits of an infrared sauna include the following:

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Healthy heart Weightloss Treatment of diabetes Pain relief Skin Care relief stress Y anxiety

We will discuss them in detail below.


Some studies have found that the use of such infrared saunas can help reduce the inflammation associated with diabetes, including neuropathy, which can improve quality of Life in patients who regularly use a therapy of this type. [2]

Function of the heart

It is important to get your heart rate Get up at least 5 times a week if possible, but this is difficult if you are injured or sick. The heat of an infrared sauna will create Similary Conditions in your body, as if you were working out, which can prevent several cardiovascular problems. [3]


These types of saunas generally have a relaxing effect on the body, as well as on the muscles and joints, which can alleviate the pain and discomfort of arthritis Y other inflammatory terms [4]

Skin care

One of the main reasons why people use infrared saunas is remove Body toxins and purify the body through sweating. [5] This can also help to clean the pores of the skin, reducing outbreaks and irritation.


Excess sweating not only eliminates body water weight, but also raising your heart rate Y circulation can boost the metabolism and increase your passive fat and calorie burning. [6]

Stress and anxiety

People suffering from chronic stress. Y anxiety It is often recommended to use infrared saunas, as it is a short and effective means to relieve anxiety in the body and mind, without the side effects of pharmaceutical products. [7]

Side effects of the infrared sauna

There are some potential side effects to consider when it comes to infrared saunas, such as the following:

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Dehydration Heat stroke joint injury Eczema

When you use this therapy, it will cause sweating, which is good, up to a point. Over time, your body will become dehydrated, which has many negative side effects. If your body becomes unable to cool, due to various diseases, these saunas can be dangerous and cause a heat stroke. When it comes to joint injuries, heat can exacerbate inflammation and worsen pain or discomfort.

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