6 incredible benefits of smoking catnip

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Of smoking catnip It may not be the primary use of this grass, but it has certain effects on the body that you should know before trying.

What is Catnip?

Catnip scientifically known as Nepeta catariais a herbaceous plant in mint Family that has a variety of effects on humans and other animals and can be consumed in several ways. [1] Sometimes, it is called "kitty pot", catswort or field balm, it can create a feeling of relaxation, pleasure and vertigo in animals, and apparently, it can also affect humans in a similar way.

Catnip has been used for thousands of years to teas and tinctures, and people have also been smoking. that, similar to smoking cannabis, white wise or mugwort, among others. [2] Nepetalactone is the active ingredient, which intoxicates cats and sedates to humans. While there is some debate about whether smoking this herb is an effective medication anxiolytic or psychoactive treatment, anecdotal evidence points to several surprising benefits.

Benefits of smoking Catnip

There are benefits of smoking catnip, including the following:

Getting better sleep Impulse digestion Calming the nerves stimulating menstruation Relief Toothache

We will discuss them in detail below.

Good sleep

The sedative effect of this herb is known to promote good, sedate sleep inducing the release of the key neurotransmitters. [3] When combined with damiana or valerian and smoked, this herb can also improve the intensity of your dreams.

Healthy digestion

Some people have reported that smoking catnip can work as a laxative, helping to eliminate digestive system in the case of constipationswelling, cramping or gastrointestinal infection. [4]

Warms the body

Anecdotal evidence describes the warming effect of catnip, as if it were gradually filtering into the body and increasing the temperature, starting at the throat and neck and moving towards the chest. This can be a comforting and sleep-inducing effect.

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If you suffer from anxietyNervous system problems insomnia or psychological disorders, smoking this herb could result in mitigated symptoms. There are no psychoactive effects of this herb, except for the possible dilation of time, but it is known to relieve the troubled mind after a long day.


Smoking this herb is capable of to stimulate Uterine contractions, which is directly related to menstruation. [5] If you have irregular periods, smoking this herb can help you get back on track.


People crush or chew the leaves and place them on their gums to be able to to calm Toothaches, but smoking catnip can also help. [6]

Side effects of smoking catnip

Despite the impressive benefits described above, there are also some negative side effects when smoking excessively, such as the following:

Nausea Headaches Dizziness Complications of the pregnancy

There have been no reports of toxicity while smoking, but nepetalactone can cause gastrointestinal disorders in some people, as well as headaches or daze. Due to the effect on uterine contractions of this herb, pregnant women should avoid smoking it.

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