6 foods that protect and whiten your smile

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If you are looking at yourself in the mirror, wondering what you can do with your stained yellow teeth, you are in luck. You are about to learn about some foods that whiten your smile while protecting your teeth from some unpleasant oral problems such as gum disease and tooth decay.

# 1: strawberries

You can look strawberries and think you'll be stained with pink teeth, but that's not true. Actually, strawberries work as a natural astringent that eliminates discoloration of the teeth on the surface. You can safely wash all the coffee and soda particles that cause stains on your teeth, so try it.

# 2: Nuts and seeds

Those little pieces of nuts and seeds will rub on your teeth and clean them. The advantage is that they are packed with protein and include healthy fats that your body needs to stay in top shape.

# 3: Onions

Well, this does not help you with bad breath, but it does help you keep your teeth white like pearl. The combination of the texture of the onion and the juice removes the particles that lead to the discoloration of the teeth.

If you are really worried about bad breath, a trick is to eat an apple, pear or plum after the onion. The advantage is that these fruits can also help you keep your teeth white and healthy, as you will read in the next meal.

# 4 apples

An apple a day will keep the dentist away! Those crispy apples are not only good for physical health, but also good for oral health. They have a high water content, so when you bite one and start to chew it, those pieces rub on your teeth and the water washes away any debris on them. They even stimulate the production of saliva, which will help you keep your bad breath at bay.

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# 5: Celery

Celery can be like apples because they are crispy, juicy and stimulate the production of saliva. The added advantage of celery is that it is fibrous, so it can act as a natural floss. While the fact that those small cords get stuck in your teeth can be a pain, the benefits outweigh them.

# 6: Oranges

Oranges are full of vitamin C and are acidic, which can remove stains from the surface of the teeth. So not only does it support your immune system with them, it will also help to whiten your smile.

But be careful. According to Dr.Stevens of Riverside Dental Care, "Eating lots of oranges can kill your enamel, which could be detrimental to your overall health. You can eat an orange once in a while, but do not overdo it. "

Choose foods wisely for better teeth

Everything you eat and drink goes through your mouth before hitting your stomach. It makes sense that everyone has an effect on their teeth and gums. Some of the foods and drinks that you choose have a positive effect, while others have a negative effect. If you constantly choose foods and beverages that are good for your oral health, you will be much more likely to see positive changes in your smile and your overall health. Make wise decisions and love your smile for many years.

Do you have an advice to keep your pearly whites nice and bright?

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