6 amazing ways to clean and heal your chakras

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The chakras are wheels or spirals of energy located in different parts of our body. There are seven main chakras at different levels from the head to the tip of the spinal cord in the tail bone. The first chakra in the tail bone is called the root chakra. And as we ascend to the head, the chakras that follow are:

You can imagine or visualize them as spinning wheels of energy, each with a different color. The correct functioning of these energy centers guarantees a perfect mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. However, these chakras are often not aligned due to various factors such as stress, anxiety, sadness, anger, etc., which cause a blockage in the flow of energy and manifest as mental and physical illnesses.

The good news is that there are several ancient techniques to overcome these blockages and ensure a fluid flow of energy in the chakras. Keep reading to know more.

1. Chakra meditation

To begin with chakra meditation, it is important to consider two factors. First, it is focusing on the cause of chakra imbalance. This can be addressed by deepening yourself in meditation and once you have attained that calm awareness, keep asking yourself what is the real cause of your anguish, your current situation, etc. In the next step, meditate to release feelings of pain, anger and resentment.

There are many audios available by well-known teachers who guide you through the various steps in chakra meditation, helping you to concentrate and find the inner core of the being very easily. A powerful meditation is to meditate on a particular color, inhale it and direct its charged energy to the chakra and activate / balance it.

2. Color therapy for chakra balance

When we expose ourselves to different colors, our moods, emotions and even our physical state undergo certain changes. In fact, we can restore balance in our chakras by using the therapeutic powers of colors. Few ways in which we can expose ourselves to certain colors is through the improvement of individual color aspects in our home, including a particular color of foods in our diet and definitely, by wearing clothes of a certain color. You can also use colored lenses and that will also help absorb the vibration our body needs.

Each chakra corresponds to a particular color. Each color in the spectrum reflects light of a specific wavelength, and each has its unique energy. Red is the longest and violet the shortest wavelength. The color of the spectrum resonates with the energy of the chakras, and thus, when exposed to a particular color, it can restore the balance of these energy wheels.

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The violet color corresponds to the crown chakra, the indigo to the brow chakra, the blue to the throat chakra, the green to the heart chakra, the yellow to the solar plexus chakra, the orange to the sacral chakra and, finally, the red to the base chakra. These colors are absorbed by our electromagnetic field and also by our eyes, skull and skin.

3. Aromatherapy for Chakra Balance.

Aromatic essential oils are substantially effective in healing the chakras and are often combined with massage to improve the effect. The oils of patchouli and incense, among others, are considered very useful to correct the root chakra. The oils give a feeling of soil and stability. A few centimeters below the navel, in the lower part of the abdomen, is the sacral chakra associated with creativity and sexuality. The oils of Ylang ylang and sandalwood have aphrodisiac effects in our body and are filled with sexual and reproductive energies.

The solar plexus chakra in the upper part of the abdomen is to have confidence and self-esteem, and with the help of the mint and cinnamon oils we can calm and balance this powerful chakra. Located in the region of the heart is the heart chakra and rose essential oil enhances the love and romance energies associated with this chakra, relieving insomnia and depression. The throat chakra is the energy center for self-expression. The use of eucalyptus oil balances the throat chakra, since it relieves sore throat and cough, clears the sinuses and clears the passage of freedom of expression.

The third eye chakra is on the forehead between the eyes and is the intuitive head. Soothing lavender oil balances this chakra, relieving headaches that are a sign that the natural eye is blocked. At the top of our head is the crown chakra that connects us with the Universe or God. Spiritually charged oil of incense announces clarity and peace of mind.

4. Music therapy to energize chakras

Each of our chakras responds to the various sound frequencies, and this forms the basis of the healing and balance of the chakras through sound or music therapy. Solfeggio is a very popular technique that uses several sound frequencies to heal unbalanced chakras. The isochronic chakra set uses brainwave entrainment techniques and the healing sound of the Tibetan bowls together with Solfeggio. The use of mantras and vowels is also emphasized to balance the chakras.

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5. Crystals and stones to cure chakras.

The stones and crystals of chakra are made of specific colors that have particular vibrations that help to heal and balance our energy wheels. While usually the stones of a certain color are used to balance a particular chakra, the healing of multiple chakras is also possible with a few unique stones. The pure and spectral colors of the stones energetically influence our senses, harmonizing the mind, body and soul.

The root chakra is identified with the color red. Garnet, red jasper and onyx are used to balance it. The orange navel chakra is cured with orange zinc and carnelian. The solar plexus chakra is bright yellow. Yellow sapphire and citrine are considered to be substantially effective in healing an unbalanced solar plexus chakra. Green is the color of the heart chakra with a secondary color, pink. Green tourmaline and rose quartz are effective in curing it.

The throat chakra radiates turquoise or turquoise blue water, and has secondary colors that are the different lighter shades of blue. To balance this chakra, blue lace agate is used. The forehead chakra is indigo with secondary dark blue shades. The lazuli pencil and the sodalite are very useful to balance it. The purple crown chakra with a white secondary color can be balanced with transparent quartz or amethyst.

6. Yoga and Pranayama in Healing Chakras.

When one or more of the chakras are stuck, it is beneficial to release the blocked energy to give it a more fluid movement. This energy is called Prana in Sanskrit, which literally translates into life force. The various yoga postures and breathing techniques called pranayama help to stretch the body and exercise the mind helping us to release the blocked and stagnant energy. The Anulom Vilom Pranayama is a breathing technique that is considered useful to activate and balance all the chakras. The posture of the pigeon helps to heal the sacral chakra, while the yoga of the sun salutation or Surya Namaskar is ideal for the solar plexus.

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