5 ways to lengthen the eyelashes naturally

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Do you know the products that lengthen the lashes that promise to lengthen your lashes but will potentially darken your iris permanently? Yikes Those scare me. No thanks. However, there are plenty of home remedies to prove that they can lengthen your eyelashes naturally!

1. the oils

It is said that olive oil and castor oil lengthen the eyelashes when applied with a clean mascara wand and leave at night. Whatever you have on hand should do the trick. After 2-3 months of constant application, you should start to see lashes more complete, longer and healthier. To optimize your results, add lemon zest to your oil. You will want to let your lemon and oil be infused for about a week before using them.

2. Brush your eyelashes

Brushing the eyelashes with a soft bristle brush daily can stimulate growth. You will never want to brush them hard or for more than 10 minutes, as this could cause your eyelashes to fall out. Keep this routine until you begin to see the growth you are looking for.

3. Oil jelly

The petroleum jelly (Vaseline) applied to the lashes with a clean lash comb or a mascara stick will help hydrate the lashes and help them look thicker and healthier. Increased moisture can help stimulate the follicles and help the eyelashes grow!

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