5 tips and tricks to build your ultimate triceps

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The muscle in the back of the forearm with three heads or origin is commonly known as triceps. The joint action of the three heads to straighten our elbow. The muscles of the triceps can feel like a tense muscle in the back of the upper arm while performing the bending exercises.
Like, it has three heads, or origin, like the lateral head, long and medium. So his full name is Triceps Brachii. Several daily activities are involved with this triceps, since they are the primary muscles that execute the stretching of the upper limbs. Being different in bone construction, from his cousin biceps, in the front of the humerus, the triceps do not receive the proper attention of the bodybuilder and the gym assistants, but in regard to muscle activities, it has the same importance than the biceps. So here are some tricks and tips to build your triceps for those whose muscles open forward but fall behind.

Close Grip Bench Press
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1): Grip press closure: This is a multifunctional exercise, since it gives the bodybuilder the best result with respect to muscle growth. It works best because it involves multiple joints that increase the three points of the triceps. This training extends the elbows as the muscles work on their own. To grow your triceps, use a narrow grip (8 to 10 inches away) to avoid additional strain on your arm. In addition, it increases the tension in the wrist and emphasizes the lateral point of the triceps.
To start, lie down on a bench and keep a firm grip around the bar. He held it right. This is your first step. Then, when you inhale, you should lower slowly and then place the rod in the center of your chest.
Be sure to keep your elbows close to your torso, so that your triceps get the most out of exercises. If you are a beginner, always try to use an observer, or you can use less weight.

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Dip Machine Exercise
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2): Immersion machine: To start the dive machine exercise, you need an immersion machine and you have selected the weight according to your capacity. To reach your initial position, you must sit securely on an immersion machine and grip the handle firmly. Keep the elbows on the sides, so that they can bend at 90 degrees. As you exhale, contract your triceps and extend your arms. Bring your arms to the starting position while inhaling. Always try to do this immersion exercise on the machine at the beginning or in the middle of your exercise routine for 3-4 sets of 6-10 repetitions.

Triceps extension exercise with EZ bar
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3): Triceps extension exercise with EZ Bar: It is one of the simple triceps exercises that will shape your triceps in both sizes and also make it strong enough. Although it strengthens the entire triceps, it works mainly for the upper triceps. To begin, lie down on a bench or on the floor with an EZ bar. Hold it with a shoulder-width grip and keep your upper arm directly above your chest. Bend your elbows and lower your weight as you descend to your head. Straighten your forearms and push the weight up when your forearms are parallel to your body.
Be careful and keep in mind while doing this exercise that, due to the position of your elbows, the use of a heavy weight at the beginning can cause an injury. Then, if you experience such pain in the elbow, you should lower the weight and move the arms up creating an angle, instead of keeping it perpendicular to your body and making a small movement of your elbows.

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Mute bell extension of sitting head
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4): Extension of the silent head-sitting bell: Exercising with the silent bell in the different position is a common but very useful exercise to develop strong and large triceps muscles. You must select a utility bank with a back support with two dumbbells in your hand. Place your hand on your thighs and keep it level with your shoulders. This is your starting position. Keep the mute bell so that your palms stay in the forward direction. Now, as you exhale, slowly push the mute bell toward your head so that both bells touch each other. Pause for a few seconds and now inhale and return the weights to the starting position. Do it according to your recommended repetitions.

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