5 surprising substitutes of Mirin

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Understand what mirin substitutes to use is essential to replicate Japanese dishes when you can not find this sweet rice wine.

Made of rice, the mirin is a sweet cooking wine that is a staple of Japanese cuisine. Mirin is similar to sake, although it is sweeter and less alcoholic, with a syrupy texture. It is used in many Japanese dishes, including teriyaki, ramen and other noodle soups, and many sauces.

Mirin's best substitutes

Mirin gives the dishes a sweet touch, slightly. acid Umami flavor that is quite distinctive. While this rice wine can be found in many specialized Asian markets, mirin substitutes are useful for those who do not have regular access to that type of store. [1] It is not a stock item common in regular supermarkets. Lack of availability may require the use of a replacement in Japanese and inspired by the merger. recipes. For a good substitute for mirin, you can add sugar to the vermouth SherryMarsala sweet or white wine, among others. In addition, mirin should be replaced by those who wish to avoid consumption alcohol. While it is difficult to replicate the flavor exactly, there are many mirin substitutes available.


Many wines and spirit the stores will carry at least one variety of this rice wine, which is very similar in taste to mirin. Add a little sugar if you use a dry variety. Sake is an alcoholic. drink could be stronger than this kitchen wine, so use it sparingly. [2]

Sweet marsala

This Italian cuisine wine has a slightly different taste, but the acidity and the sweetness is near mirin, and it is more commercially available. This should be available in most liquor stores and wine stores.

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White wine

Any variety will make a reasonable replacement for mirin. Again, if it is a type of dry wine, mix a small amount of sugar or other sweeteners.

Rice vinegar

For a flavor of the rice wine type without the wine, replace it with the most commonly available. vinegar. Add a sweetener closer. replicate the flavor profile of mirin, or the acidity of the vinegar You can change the taste of the final dish. [3]

Water and sugar

The flavor will be softer compared to mirin, but a mixture of 3 parts of water for 1 part of sugar is an easy solution. This substitute also removes alcohol from the dish if that is something you want to avoid.

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