5 Surprising benefits of coconut oil for beards

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Coconut oil It has many effects on the hair of the beard, such as preventing peeling. skin and irritation, strengthening the hair, improving its appearance and shine, and moisturizing the skin. As one of the most popular new trends in the health market, coconut oil It is being used for everything from skin care and anti-aging strategies for weightloss and reduced inflammation. It is also a very common ingredient in cosmetic and hair products, and with very good reason. The oil is rich in lauric acid and other medium chain fatty acids that are beneficial to the body, unlike unsaturated The fats. [1] When it comes to heart health, kidney infectionsoxidative stress, chronic diseases, energy levels, function of the immune system and the appearance of the skin, antioxidants Y nutrients Coconut oil can not be beaten.

When mixed with the shampoo, it can help give your hair a natural touch. moisturizing impulse And it improves the appearance and the brightness of your locks. [2] Therefore, it should not be surprising that many people have started using coconut oil also for the health of their beards.

How to use coconut oil for your beard?

Look for raw, cold pressed. virgin coconut oil, which may be more expensive, but it will be worth the extra dollars. Use a small amount of this oil and spread it on your fingers, where it will change from a solid white color to a clear liquid. Then you can gently apply the oil to the beard, making sure it reaches the lower level of the beard, specifically the skin under the beard. Coconut oil also works as a large carrier oil, so you can add another essential oils To the mixture for a pleasant smell, as a natural colony for your beard. Now, the real question is, What are the real benefits of using coconut oil in your beard?

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Benefits of coconut oil for beard hair

Coconut oil contains vitamins, minerals, and other antioxidant properties that help improve the skin and hair. the benefits of coconut oil for your beard includes your ability to help hydrate The skin improves fragility, decreases irritation and stimulates growth when used properly. It can be used in shampoos, facial scrubs or as a balm for before and after shaving on the face.

Hair care

One of the main problems with beards is the ease with which hair can break or fall. This fragility is very common, but coconut oil can increase flexibility and make it less likely to break or fall, which gives your beard a thicker and richer appearance.

Reduces skin irritation

To reduce skin irritation caused by shaving, especially if you have sensitive skin, you can apply coconut oil on the skin before and after shaving; this can increase healing in the case of a cut or cut, and will also make a smooth shave, leaving no redness or discomfort.

Prevents skin flaking

The health of the skin under your beard will have a great impact on the quality and appearance of your beard. if you have peeling or irritation skin, or a real condition like psoriasis, the hair will not grow evenly and will be much more prone to fall off. [3] According to the USDA, the coconut oil contains Vitamin E and K. [4] These vitamins help your beard look good from top to bottom.

Moisturizes the skin

The hydration of the skin and hair near the beard is important. Especially after shaving or using a razor to order its edges, applying a little coconut oil can prevent inflammation or redness, while promoting healing and preventing any infection. The skin and hair close to stay hydrated to look their best.

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Increase hair growth

Topical application of coconut oil does not have an effect on the growth rate of the beard, but consuming the oil can help! By adding coconut oil to your diet, you are also introducing a series of hormones and hormone stimulant substances [5] This oil has been linked to higher levels of testosterone and ketones, which can stimulate the thyroid gland and increase the metabolic Function, all of which leads to faster growth of facial hair.

As you can see, coconut oil is more versatile than I thought, and if you are sporting a beard this season, this popular oil can help you look great!

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