5 steps to encourage your children to eat well

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QUANTITY QUALITY – for food, for beauty and, most importantly, for sleeping! While getting a total of 8 hours each night sounds as deliciously rejuvenating as a real vacation, it is not the only factor we need to enjoy the benefits of better sleep. Enter: your circadian rhythm. Holistic nutritionist, Kelly LeVeque, is convincing us about the importance of a sleep schedule …

It is proven that sleep reduces the risk of many chronic diseases, improves memory, increases cognitive function, reduces stress and keeps you thin. But the new research is testing Ultimately, not only how much you sleep, but when you sleep, that will determine the size of your waist. TO Be well by Kelly, my clients are encouraged to prioritize the dream above all because the mind over matter will never win when their body cancels their consumption decisions with potent hunger hormones fed by bad sleep.


Its "circadian rhythm" (or internal clock) regulates the physical, mental and behavioral changes in a cycle of approximately 24 hours that responds mainly to the light and darkness of its surroundings. Circadian rhythms are found in most organisms, including animals, plants and tiny microbes. The term circadian comes from Latin words that literally mean "all day" and our activity of brain waves, hormone production, cell regeneration and other biological activities are linked to these light cycles.


Circadian sleep disorders (CRSD) are a family of sleep disorders that affect the time when people can not sleep and wake up at the times needed for work, school and / or needs social. CRSD are interruptions in a person's circadian rhythm related to insomnia, fatigue, depression, type 2 diabetes, cancer and weight gain. Sources of CRSD include shift work, pregnancy, changes in time zone, medications, changes in routine, such as staying up late or sleeping, medical problems such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease, and mental health problems.


Blue light or blue wavelengths They are the main source of sunlight and have been shown to be beneficial during daylight hours because they increase attention, reaction times and mood. Unfortunately, because this blue light is present in the screens of computers, telephones, tablets and fluorescent lighting, it is also the main factor of interruption of our circadian rhythm due to its effect on melatonin.

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The verdict: His excessive use of Instagram is suppressing the production of melatonin and interfering with his dream. More disruptive after sunset, the proliferation of blue light through electronic displays and efficient lighting of energy is suppressing melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone (produced by the pineal gland in the brain) that helps control sleep and wake cycles. Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant, protector of DNA, helps regulate other hormones and maintains the circadian rhythm of the body. When it is dark, your body produces more melatonin; When it is light, the production of melatonin decreases. Normally, your melatonin level begins to rise at night and stays high for most of the night, and then goes down in the early morning hours as cortisol increases to wake you up.


Constant light keeps us high and stimulated, which not only suppresses melatonin and restful sleep, but "blue light" also has an effect on our insulin sensitivity and weight gain. In a chronobiology study (the study of circadian rhythm), mice exposed to constant light became less sensitive to insulin, began to eat more and their metabolism at rest decreased by 13%. The mice had lost the normal variation in insulin sensitivity that occurs over a 24-hour period and became more efficient at storing fat, gaining weight almost immediately.


I know what you're thinking, I'm fine! You are not. You are not immune to the consequences of an interruption of your circadian system and shorter sleep cycles, it does not matter if you are in college, you exercise like a madman or you try to compensate during the weekend. The next time you approach your next favorite Netflix show, remember the results of this 2017 study: "The late sleep time was associated with an increased insulin resistance estimated in all groups." And in this 2008 meta-analysis, 634,511 participants from around the world (aged 2 to 102 years and including boys, girls, men and women) demonstrated "an increased risk of obesity among those who sleep little along with an increase in appetite and caloric intake Associated with reciprocal changes in leptin and ghrelin.

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New amber lenses That block of blue light has proven its effectiveness! This is a great advantage to work late, watch TV or take your phone to bed. The lenses should be worn after dark until you lie down. LIMIT THE LIGHT:
Dim the fluorescent lights or turn them off completely. Reduce the brightness of your phone and the computer screen as you go through the night hours or set the "night shift" setting on your iPhone. You can also download applications such as f.lux to alter the color and quality of that light in the dark. WAKE UP WITH THE SUN:
Try to sleep 8 hours a night, but do everything possible to wake up and lie down with the sun. The closer you can align your sleep hours with the cycles of natural light, the more benefits you will receive. BE CONSISTENT:
Go to bed and get up at the same time every day. Using the bedtime setting can help remind you that it is time to go to bed. EAT UNDER CARBURETOR IN THE PM:
This minimizes excursions of blood glucose and proclivity for fat storage and accompanies the synchronization of circadian nutrients. According to the study by Alves, a dinner rich in low-carbohydrate proteins preserves lean tissue better during weight loss.

Do you have any advice or suggestions to sleep better?

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