5 scientifically proven benefits of the liquid diet

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There are innumerable diets in the market that promise incredible results, but following a liquid diet can have a series of impressive benefits, if performed safely and responsibly. If you are looking for a fast and effective way to lose weight, detoxify the body and stimulate metabolism, a liquid diet may be precisely what you need. However, for anyone in poor health, a liquid diet can be dangerous. Before embarking on any new dietary trend, it is important to know the details of what is expected, what health benefits can be obtained and what potential side effects you may experience.

What are liquid diets?

As the name implies, a liquid diet consists of eliminating solids. foods of your diet for a limited period of time, usually between 1 and 3 days, although some people extend liquid diets to a week or more. Instead of the solid foods that most of us eat every day, those foods are instead replaced by liquids, juices, vegetable Y meatBased on broths. [1] Some people choose to follow liquid diets for personal reasons (for example, health and wellness), while others may follow a liquid diet due to an upcoming surgery or procedure. The specific restrictions on food and activity may be different depending on the reason for entering the diet, so it is recommended to consult with your doctor.

Benefits of liquid diets

The potential benefits of liquid diets include weightloss, an impulse metabolic rate, detoxification Of the body and improved function of the organs, among others.


The main reason for most people who follow a liquid diet is the aim of weightloss. [2] By drastically reducing your caloric intake, often by more than 50%, you will create a deficiency of calories in the body, which means you burn more calories than you consume. This is the basis of weight loss and can be easily achieved, sometimes up to 1 pound per day, with a liquid diet.

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Metabolism driven

When your body is denied calories, metabolism It will slow down to save energy, which is usually not good. However, this can train your body to work more efficiently with a reduced level of calories. [3] Unfortunately, many people report that their metabolism speeds up once the diet is over, which causes the weight to return and the metabolism to improve.

Eliminate toxins

When we eat solid foods, the body works to eliminate toxins and makes an effort to dissolve those foods. In a liquid diet, more than one Attention It's in detoxifying Organs of the body, which allows them to clean the system and, essentially, play "catch up". [4] More fluid helps cleanse the kidneys and bladder, and removes toxins stored in the colon and digestive treated.

Improved organ function

Vegetable Y fruit Juices are essential during a liquid diet, which will provide the body with abundant nutrients, vitaminsY minerals. This can improve the function of all your organ systems, including the nervous system.

Are liquid diets safe and effective?

There is a considerable amount of debate about liquid diets, since the effects can vary widely among individuals. As mentioned above, one of the main goals of someone with a liquid diet is to lose weight, but it is known that this diet produces temporary results in some people. Much of the loss you experience with a liquid diet is the weight of the water, or is due to a significant deficiency of calories. In many cases, when you return to your normal dietary patterns, the weight you lose can return quickly. However, for those who maintain healthier dietary habits after a period of liquid diet can see more long-term effects. The short-term effects are clear, although some of the claims for health benefits are debated in academic circles.

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In terms of security, there are some concerns that should be considered, such as constipation, a loss of lean muscle mass and symptoms of caloric and nutrient deficiency. When liquid diets are followed in a healthy way, many of these symptoms can be avoided.

Constipation: When solid foods are cut, particularly the pulp and skin Of fruits and vegetables, you are losing a lot of diet. fiber in your diet This can result in a slower digestive process, as well as constipationswelling Cramps and upset stomach. [5]

Nutrient deficiency While cut returning calories is natural in a liquid diet, eliminating too many daily nutrients can cause side effects such as fatigue, upset stomach, cognitive confusion, muscle weakness, and Headaches. [6]

Muscle mass: During a liquid diet, your body may begin to use its lean muscle mass as a source of energy. For most people, they work hard to establish its muscle mass, this is definitely an unwanted side effect, particularly of a prolonged liquid diet. [7]

What do you eat in a liquid diet?

In a liquid diet, as you would expect, your diet is limited to fluid intake, which may include juice without pulp, Milk, fruit smoothies with peeled fruits and yogurt, chicken, broths of beef and vegetables, kefir, mash soups, smoothies, sorbets, ice cream, fruit bars, avocado and certain forms of tofu. Basically, anything that can become a pure liquid can be consumed in a liquid diet and, in some cases, according to its objectives, foods like light. cereals Y oatmeal They are allowed, particularly if diluted with milk or water.

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