5 reasons why you should not bite your nails

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If you're not one of those people who are nails, you've definitely heard of someone who is. Scientifically known as "Onychophagia", biting your nails is a fairly common habit that most people do without even noticing it. the American Academy of Dermatology Claims that biting the nails usually begin sometime in childhood and continue into adulthood.

problems of biting the nails

It is an unconscious habit that you practice during other activities and, if it does not stop, it can be very harmful to your health. Here are some side effects of biting your nails, and believe us, they go beyond the cosmetic area.

It will spread germs

Just imagine how many things full of bacteria you touch every day. The bus bar, the money, even the keyboard of your computer, everything you touch, passes bacteria, yeast, fungi and many other dangerous germs into your mouth. When you put that unwashed nail in your mouth, you transfer germs and dust. Infections Nails are said to be an ideal place for E. coli and salmonella, and they also increase the risk of herpes and wart infections.

It makes you prone to nail infections.

Try looking at it this way: biting your nails basically means you're tearing up the nail. By doing so, you make small abrasions or rips around the skin near the nails, which will facilitate the entry of bacteria and other germs into the wound. In short, you can say "hello" to a nail infection. The result will be swelling of the skin, redness or even pus around the nails. And the only treatment for that will be to stop biting your nails.

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It can cause dental problems.

Imagine biting a hard surface, over and over again. It can interfere with your dental occlusion, and the teeth may end up changing from their original and proper position. In addition, over time, biting the nails can also cause splinters, cracks or wear of the front teeth, along with gum problems.

It can lead to stomach problems.

Do you remember those germs that are transferred from the nails to the mouth? Well, they can move easily to your gut. Once the microbes settle well inside the stomach, they cause gastrointestinal infections that can cause diarrhea and pain in the abdomen.

It damages the nail beds.

In the same way that the shape and shape of the teeth had to suffer when biting the nails, so do the nails' beds. In addition to making you prone to nail infections, biting your nails can damage nail beds along with cuticles. It can also lead to a shortening of the nails that is irreversible.

"Old habits die hard," but if you care about your health, you have to find some ways to stop your habit of biting your nails. You can try cutting your nails to reduce temptation or use a bitter nail polish, anything to prevent your hand from going to your mouth. Just like you would a newborn to stop sucking your fingers. Baby habits need baby techniques, right?

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