5 reasons fat is your friend

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Dr. Vandana Shiva is a physicist, environmentalist and winner of the 2010 Sydney Peace Prize. This is an edited version of her speech at the Sydney Opera House.

When we think of wars in our times, our minds go to Iraq and Afghanistan. But the biggest war is the war against the planet. This war has its roots in an economy that does not respect the ecological and ethical limits: limits to inequality, limits to injustice, limits to greed and economic concentration. A handful of corporations and powerful countries seek to control the resources of the earth and transform the planet into a supermarket in which everything is for sale. They want to sell our water, genes, cells, organs, knowledge, cultures and future.

The ongoing wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and beyond are not just about "blood for oil." As they develop, we will see that it is blood for food, blood for genes and biodiversity and blood for water. The war mentality underlying military-industrial agriculture is evident from the names of Monsanto's herbicides: "Round-Up", "Machete", "Lasso". American Home Products, which has merged with Monsanto, gives its herbicides equally aggressive names, such as "Pentagon" and "Squadron." This is the language of war. Sustainability is based on peace with the earth.

The war against the earth begins in the mind. Violent thoughts shape violent actions. Violent categories build violent tools. And nowhere is this more vivid than in the metaphors and methods on which industrial, agricultural and food production are based. The factories that produced poisons and explosives to kill people during the wars were transformed into factories that produce agrochemicals after the wars.

The year 1984 I was awakened by the fact that something was terribly wrong with the way the food was produced. With the violence in Punjab and the disaster in Bhopal, agriculture looked like a war. It was then that I wrote The Violence of the Green Revolution and why I started Navdanya as a movement for an agriculture free of poisons and toxic substances. Pesticides, which started as war chemicals, have not managed to control pests. Genetic engineering should provide an alternative to toxic chemicals. Instead, it has led to increased use of pesticides and herbicides and has sparked a war against farmers.

High-cost food and high-cost chemicals are trapping indebted farmers, and the debt trap is pushing farmers to suicide. According to official data, more than 200,000 Indian farmers have committed suicide in India since 1997.

Making peace with the earth was always an ethical and ecological imperative. Now it has become a survival imperative for our species.

Violence in the soil, biodiversity, water, the atmosphere, farms and farmers produces a military food system that can not feed people. A billion people are hungry Two billion suffer from food-related diseases: obesity, diabetes, hypertension and cancer.

There are three levels of violence involved in unsustainable development. The first is violence against the earth, which expresses itself as the ecological crisis. The second is violence against people, which expresses itself as poverty, misery and displacement. The third is the violence of war and conflict, since the powerful reach the resources found in other communities and countries for their unlimited appetites.

When all aspects of life are marketed, life becomes more expensive and people are poor, even if they earn more than a dollar a day. On the other hand, people can be rich in material terms, even without the money economy, if they have access to land, their soils are fertile, their rivers flow clean, their cultures are rich and they have traditions of producing beautiful houses and clothes and Delicious food and social cohesion, solidarity and community spirit.

The rise of market dominance, and money as man-made capital, to the position of the highest organizing principle for societies and the only measure of our well-being has led to undermining the processes that sustain and sustain life in Mexico. Nature and society.

The richer we become, the poorer we become ecologically and culturally. The growth of wealth, measured in money, is leading to a growth of poverty on a material, cultural, ecological and spiritual level. The true currency of life is life itself and this vision raises questions: how do we see ourselves in this world? What are humans for? And are we merely a machine to make money and consume a lot of resources? Or do we have a higher purpose, a higher purpose?

I believe that "democracy on earth" allows us to visualize and create living democracies based on the intrinsic value of all species, all peoples, all cultures: a fair and equal distribution of the vital resources of this land, and sharing decisions on the use of land resources. Earth's democracy protects the ecological processes that sustain life and the fundamental human rights that form the basis of the right to life, including the right to water, food, health, education, jobs and livelihoods .

We have to make a choice. Will we obey the market laws of corporate greed or the laws of Gaia for the maintenance of the earth's ecosystems and the diversity of their beings? People's food and water needs can only be met if nature's ability to provide food and water is protected. Dead soil and dead rivers can not give food or water.

The defense of the rights of Mother Earth is, therefore, the most important fight for human rights and social justice. It is the broadest peace movement of our times.

Dr. Vandana Shiva is a physicist, environmentalist and winner of the 2010 Sydney Peace Prize. This is an edited version of her speech at the Sydney Opera House.

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