5 proven benefits of water fasting

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When you submit to water QuickYou may be able to see remarkable results, but you must also follow strict guidelines to stay safe and healthy.

What is water fasting?

Water fasting is an extremely strict form of fasting in which you only consume water and not calories for a limited period of time. The theory behind this nutritional deprivation is to help the body re-establish or revitalize certain processes and functions, which can help in the management and treatment of certain conditions. In addition, an extreme calorie reduction (up to zero) can have rapid effects on your weight and metabolism.

This approach to health is also quite controversial for many reasons, since there are experts who argue that the body is an almost perfect machine that does not require a "restart". The lack of nutrients for days at a time can also be potentially dangerous and comes with a series of possible side effects. [1] That said, water fasting has become a practice in many parts of the world for various purposes. Since this trend will not disappear, it is better to understand what you can do, how to do it safely and what methods you can use to have the best effects.

Benefits of water fasting

Water fasting helps in weightlossgoing down blood pressure, Delaying the aging process, and the regulation of insulin, among others. Let's see these benefits in detail.


It creates a massive calorie. deficit Every day you do a water fast, so you can lose up to two pounds of weight per day, especially on the first or second day. [2] However, the weight loss will decrease after this point.

Aging process

It has been shown that intermittent fasting slows aging process and kick the start antioxidant activities within the body, which help reduce chronic diseases, as well as reduce inflammation. [3]

Blood pressure

Reduce the number of variables in your diet and ensure that the body can rinse of toxins and "reset" some systems, can also help lower blood pressure, which will reduce stress on the cardiovascular system. [4]


Studies have found that fasting with water can make the body more sensitive to certain hormones in the body that trigger the release of glucose and insulin, which helps prevent or control better diabetes.

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Chronic disease

Although the chemical route is not fully understood, there is a correlation between temporary fasting with water and a reduction in risk of chronic disease. [5]

How to make a fast water?

If you are determined to take a water fast, the first thing you should do is consult your doctor if it would be a good health option, given your pre-existing conditions or risk factors. If this is the first time you fast, start with a short period of time (no more than a day or two), as you will be more likely to succeed and you can measure the effectiveness of your approach. Make sure your home is well stocked with water (of different varieties, not just tap water), and then start.

The first two days will be difficult, but the results can be impressive. The most important thing, however, is the way you get out of the water quickly. It is important re-enter food Slowly and make it easily digestible, as smooth. fruit Y yogurt. [6] Gradually reintroduce other foods after your fast, in moderation, to avoid upset stomach.

Water fasting advice

There are a number of tips to consider before starting your water fast that include the following:

Tell your friends about your fast so you can take responsibility Make sure you get enough rest every day and fill your time with satisfying activities. It will be very easy to steal a sandwich or two when they start to feel hungry, but trust that you can do this, and the benefits will be worth it. Without a normal calorie energy reserve, however, you will not have as much energy to do things every day, so try to minimize your energy production. Finally, instead of eating, find other activities to distract yourself from your stomach growling, like books, movies, a new hobby, yoga, meditation or daily.

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Hazards and risks of fasting water

There are several risks for fasting with water, which makes the practice particularly controversial, such as rapid weight recovery, dehydrationand orthostatic hypotension, to name a few.

False weight loss: The rapid weight loss observed with water fasting is often largely water weight, which the body can quickly recover after the end of the fast, leading to disappointment. Dehydration: However contrary it may sound, the increase urination Due to excessive water consumption can lead the body to become dehydrated in this particular diet. Orthostatic hypotension: Some people have reported dangerous drops in Blood pressure when this diet is performed, which can lead to irregular heart Function and other dangerous side effects. [7] Physical side effects: Without nutrients, it is likely that experience Fatigue and lethargy, as well as muscle weakness and slowness. cognitive function. [8] All this will stop once you reintroduce normal calories into your diet.

5 Proven benefits of water fasting, Reference: https://www.organicfacts.net/water-fasting.html

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