5 incredible benefits of Elemi essential oil

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The health benefits of Elemi essential oil It can be attributed to its properties as antiseptic, analgesic, expectorant, stimulant, and a tonic substance.

Elemi is a tree found in the tropical forests of the Philippines and some neighboring nations. Its botanical name is Canarium luzonicum. The essential oil of elemi is extracted by steam distillation of the gum obtained from the elemi tree; The main components of this oil are dipentene, elemycin, elemol, limonene, felandreno, and terpineol.

This oil is used mainly in the industries of soaps, cosmetics, perfumes and paints. In addition, it is actually believed that this oil was used in ancient Egypt to embalm mummies.

Health benefits of Elemi essential oil

The medicinal properties of elemi essential oil, which are possibly Its most important details are explained below. [1]

Protect from infection

Possibly, it was the antiseptic property of elemi essential oil that made it useful in the embalming process in ancient Egypt. The antiseptic property protects against all possible infections, including those caused by microbes, bacteria, fungi and viruses, as well as providing protection against septic tanks and tetanus. Not only is it applicable in protection. wounds; It is also effective in preventing infections in the urethra, urinary bladder, urinary tract, colon, kidneys, intestines, stomach and other internal organs, whether there is any type of wound, ulcer or other potentially dangerous conditions.

Analgesic properties

We all know what an analgesic is for, and we also know that most of them also have side effects. Therefore, would not it be okay if there was an analgesic that could perform all its functions efficiently without adverse side effects? Well, the elemi essential oil is just that, due to all its analgesic properties. It is effective in reducing pain related to colds, fevers, or sprains. It also helps in healing. Headaches, migraines, muscle pain, joint pain, and pain in the ears. Elemi

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Facilitates breathing

The need for an efficient expectorant is obvious when we are suffering from respiratory problems, congestion in the lungs and nose and exhausting cough due to the accumulation of phlegm or colds in the area. respiratory tracts, including the bronchi, trachea and lungs. It loosens the phlegm or the cold and helps it to come out through the cough or in the feces. It also eliminates congestion and makes breathing easier.

It acts as a stimulant.

The effect of a stimulant is widespread. Stimulates circulation, the secretion of hormones and enzymes from the endocrine glands, the discharge of bile and other gastric juices in the stomach. In addition, it stimulates nervous responses, including those that affect neurons in the brain, heartbeats, breathing, peristaltic movement of the intestines, and menstrual discharges, as well as the production and secretion of Milk in the breasts. These last two are due to their stimulant effects on certain hormones such as estrogen and progesterone.elemi essential oil

Tonic for the body

A tonic is something that tones the body. Many people remember receiving daily doses of tonic in their childhood. Parents would say it was essential to keep us free of disease and that we would grow quickly if we took those tonics. They were right! A tonic helps the growth and proper functioning of the body by toning all the organic systems that work in the body, such as respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular, circulatoryNeural, excretory, nervous and endocrine systems. It also strengthens the body's immune system. What more could you want from such a humble oil?

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Other benefits

It is found to be beneficial in the treatment. sinusitis, pain in the joints, digestive disorders, mumps and chills.

Word of caution: There are no known threats, except that Elemi's essential oil can be irritating to people with certain symptoms. skin So, it should not be applied to the skin of babies.

Mixture: The essential oil of elemi is mixed with the essential oils of incenselavender Rosemary, myrrh, and wise.

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