5 incredible benefits of black quinoa

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Adding black Quinoa For your diet it is a simple and delicious way to increase your nutrient intake and improve your overall health.

What is black quinoa?

Black quinoa is a type of quinoa that is a cross between white quinoa and quarter of lamb, a type of grain. The resulting quinoa crossing seed It has a darker color than white quinoa and a crunchier texture. It also tastes slightly sweeter and is generally harder to find than the more popular red and white quinoa. varieties. [1] It is gluten free and is a popular choice for those who regularly buy specialty health products food victuals.

Benefits of black quinoa

Quinoa is a rich source of many nutrients as protein, iron, B vitamins, anthocyanin, copper, manganeseand alphalinolenic Acid that helps improve health in many ways. Let's see in detail the main benefits of black quinoa.

High fiber and protein content

Black quinoa is one of the few vegetable sources for complete proteins: proteins that contain the ten essential amino acids. Is one of the best. vegetarian Sources of available proteins. This quite unique form of quinoa also has a little more fiber Content than other types of quinoa.

Fountain of iron

Iron is what your body uses to transport oxygen through your body. The lack of iron in your daily diet can cause fatigue, weakness and anemia. One cup of black quinoa contains 15% of the recommended daily iron ration.

Supplies B Vitamins

This darker version of quinoa contains a good dose of folate, a vitamin B that is essential for the healthy function of the liver and nervous system, as well as skin, hair and eye health. It is also a good source coppermade, manganeseand alpha-linolenic acid, which can reduce inflammation and help protect cardiovascular Health. [2]

Rich in antioxidants

The dark color of black quinoa is caused by its high content of anthocyanins. Anthocyanins they are a type of antioxidant That helps prevent UV rays and free radical damage to cells. Antioxidants are able to protect against chronic diseases, heart disease, and cancers.

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Without gluten

Black quinoa is a very nutritious, low-fat food. alternative A white grains for people trying to avoid gluten in their diet. [3]

Side effects

Side effects of black quinoa include:

Digestion problems: Some people can report digestive anguish consume quinoa, but this may be due to the increase in digestion– Stimulating fiber. Illnesses transmitted through food: Always be sure to wash the quinoa thoroughly before cooking it, as there have been some links between this form of grain and cases of foodborne illness.

5 incredible benefits of black quinoa, reference: https://www.organicfacts.net/black-quinoa.html

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