5 ideas for a quick and healthy lunch for busy people

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Most days we can prepare a quick breakfast and evenings, we have a little extra time to prepare a dish. A healthy lunch, however, can be a little harder to organize!

Do not let a busy schedule prevent you from eating healthy. Make these ideas in less than 10 minutes!

1. Make a bowl of quinoa vegetables

Mix to combine your choice of fresh or cooked vegetables with cooked quinoa, fresh herbs and a dressing like tahini, apple cider vinegar, cashew cheese or avocado puree. Is Mexican Quinoa Bowl It has us excited for lunch!

2. Salty muffins

Cook vegetable muffins or mini frittatas in bulk on weekends. Take with you to work and serve with a salad. There are many options available, you can even use the leftover juice pulp.

3. Load a potato

Cut a precooked sweet potato and fill it with your choice of ingredients. We love beans, fresh salsa, guacamole and vegetables! OR this!

4. That's a coat

Use large sheets of green lettuce leaves as a nutrient-rich alternative to a regular wrap. Simply add your favorite fillings. Try vegetables with fish / egg, curried lentils, beans with chili or falafels! We love these Lentil Cups!

5. Larger dinners

The fastest way to prepare a healthy lunch is to make more of your healthy dinner! When you prepare your evening meal, store it in a container ready for the next day. Easy!

Do not let your busy schedule get in the way of your health goals. A healthy lunch can help us stay focused, avoid the energy drop at 3 p. M., Improve our mood and keep us up until dinner.

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What are some of your meals for quick and easy lunches?

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