5 Health benefits of iced tea without sugar

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Drink sugarfree tea It is very common for those who want to avoid adding too much. sugar to your diet, while still benefiting from the other nutrients found in tea.

What is tea without sugar?

Tea without sugar is a common name for iced tea (black or green) that's not Also sweetened with sugar. [1] Essentially, sugar-free tea is just regular tea on ice. Since most varieties of iced tea include some type of sweetener to improve the taste and make the drink A sweeter and sugar-free tea may have an unusual taste at first, but it has a lot of health benefits. Many people confuse this drink with something other than the basic "ice cream" tea, but it has all the same components as a cup of black or Green Tea, including caffeine.

Sugar-free tea nutrition

In terms of nutrition, this tea contains less than 5 calories, zero fat and zero sugars, as well as an insignificant amount of carbohydrates, which promotes weightloss. It also regulates blood sugar. There is also a good offer of manganese, fluoride, and a variety of flavonoids, as well as catechins and others antioxidants, all of which can sugar-free teaIt has remarkable effects on your body.

Benefits of sugar-free tea

There are quite a few benefits for sugar-free tea, such as:

Prevention of heart Illness increased regulated energy levels. diabetes Enhanced immune system

Immune system

Black and green tea is known to stimulate the Immune system due to the activities of several antioxidants, which can counteract much of the tension in the system due to excess inflammation. [2]


By removing sugar from sweet tea, and avoiding gassed Drinks with more sugar, can keep your sugar levels better. under control, which is good news for diabetic patients [3]

Heart disease

Catechins Y Flavonoids have been linked to the improvement of cardiovascular Health and better integrity of the walls of blood vessels and arteries. [4]

Chronic disease

Antioxidants counter free radicals, which are substances that can cause chronic inflammation and diseases, such as Cancer Y rheumatoid arthritis. [5]

Mental alert

The caffeine in this tea helps boost energy levels and stimulate cognitive function.

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How to make tea without sugar?

Preparing your own sugar-free tea at home is a simple way to avoid adding sugar.

Bring a pot of water to boil on the stove. Depending on the amount of tea you want to prepare, add 4-6 tea bags (black or green) to the water. Let the tea stand for 4-6 minutes, then remove the tea bags and allow the tea to cool. Place the tea in the fridge and serve on ice.

Side effects of sugar-free tea

Regarding side effects, the main aspects to consider when taking the sugar-free tea variety is its impact on the stomach, as well as the negative effects of caffeine. Excessive consumption of this tea can lead to the following:

Constipation Stomach ache Diarrhea.

As mentioned, there is caffeine in tea without sugar, which means that there could be side effects like

Insomnia Irritability Anxiety,

5 Health benefits of iced tea without sugar, reference: https://www.organicfacts.net/unsweetened-iced-tea.html

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