5 best ways to detoxify and eliminate stress

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The human body is a combination of 3 things, the physical aspect is the body, the mental aspect is the mind and the psychological aspect is the soul, the interaction and interdependence of these 3 aspects is accepted by who, who defines health not simply as an absence of disease but a healthy and balanced state of mind, body and soul

When we talk about detoxification, we should consider the 3 aspects, clarity of thoughts, purity of our conscience and healthy physical body.

To detoxify the body, we need to undergo the process of panchkarma Ayurvedic therapies, our body is like a closed tunnel that opens from the mouth to the anus; everything we eat or drink in our entire life goes through this channel. Due to the disparity in time and lifestyle, we tend to accumulate more and more undigested food material in this channel, which in due course undergoes the decomposition process and becomes a toxin, which is finally absorbed into the blood and it reaches each and every one of the cells. Of our body and is responsible for all kinds of disorders and diseases. The Ayurvedic panchkarma is a detoxification procedure in 5 steps that is done under the supervision of Ayurvedic doctors.

In modern science there is a very common saying that we should have breakfast and lunch like a king and dine like a beggar, in fact, it is not recommended to have solids after 8 pm, since our digestive tract weakens and can not burn. all of the food

Gymming is a passing fad nowadays, but people do not understand that it only works in your physical body. Yoga is a better alternative, since it is a blessing for the modern lifestyle. Practice yoga regularly for at least 30 minutes in the morning.

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In the morning when you get up, you can take 1 lemon and boil it in water for 10 minutes. Cut the lemon and squeeze it in the same water and add a pinch of saindhav namak on it and drink that water. After drinking it, simply gargle in the mouth because the lemon has an adverse effect on the tooth enamel. This helps clean the entire system along with many other benefits.

At least once a month, go to relax, rejuvenate and detoxify spa therapies or body massages made with medicinal oils, preferably abhyangam and then a medicinal vapor.

Read the full article "5 Best Ways to Detoxify and Eliminate Stress" written by Dr. Raj Raj on Practo.com here: https://www.practo.com/healthfeed/5-best-ways-to-detoxify- and-de-stress-24034 / post

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