4 signs that could indicate a heart condition

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Heart problems usually appear due to high blood pressure or a high cholesterol level. Bad cholesterol can accumulate and deposit along the arteries and blood vessels. This leads to poor circulation. In addition, blood can not provide all the essential nutrients to organs, tissues and cells.

While a heart condition can appear at any age and without warning, it becomes a habit to check for any of the symptoms below. If you have found any of the following, it would be better to investigate further by visiting your doctor.

Breast pains should be taken into account.

A clear sign of cardiovascular problems is represented by sudden and short thoracic pains. This may be the indicator of a heart condition that begins with problems with blood flow. Not all heart attacks are like in movies, with tremendous pain and accompanied by an unpleasant fall. Some heart attacks are manifested by increased tension around the chest area. In general, it is difficult to make the difference between removing an intercostal muscle or the onset of a heart condition. It is better to be safe and call a doctor if you find this type of chest pains regularly.

Shortness of breath is not normal

If you must run a marathon, you need a little encouragement. But if you started having difficulty breathing just by walking around the house, this can be a symptom of heart disease. Always compare the symptoms you experience with the activities you have done. If you notice significant discrepancies, it is a good idea to get professional medical advice.

Some people have low levels of resistance, so it can be normal to get tired easily after playing with your dog, while others can breathe evenly on a trip through the mountains.

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Having difficulty breathing when lying down can be a symptom of several problems at the valve levels.

Palpitations or flu symptoms may indicate otherwise.

A high pulse that manifests itself without doing heavy tasks or lifting objects is not a good sign. Getting up from a chair and feeling dizzy can indicate some cardiovascular problems. Together, palpitations and a feeling of dizziness can mean a blockage that is occurring within the body or a valve disease.

Other symptoms that may resemble a common cold may be nausea or sticky sweat.

Pay attention to your body and find out if the symptoms you experience have a valid reason or if they are the result of more serious health problems.

Stomach pains should not be treated lightly.

Not all heart attacks start in the same way. The body can send mixed signals to express a cardiovascular condition. Studies show that women sometimes have severe stomach pains, a few days before a heart attack. In addition, a common indigestion can be an indirect manifestation of heart problems. To determine the difference between indigestion or a cardiac symptom, think about whether you have eaten something that could affect your digestive system. If nothing comes to mind, consult a specialist.

Make sure you have regular check-ups and always tell your doctor about any changes your body is going through. It is better to consider the little things that may also be the first signs of a more serious problem.

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