4 incredible natural remedies for common diseases

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The word homeopathy is the result of two Greek words: homeos meaning "I like" or "similar" and "pathos or patheia" which means suffering. The word means "similar suffering" or simply means treating the same. The natural homeopathic herbal remedies are part of this system of complementary and balanced treatment of the disease in which the patient is administered very small and small amounts of natural and non-toxic substances that, when administered in large quantities, actually cause the Symptoms of the disease, which means that the main source of disease, can also cause its healing. Herbal homeopathic remedies or home-made medicines made from natural ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, herbs receive a lot of attention due to their nature of cure: easy, without side effects, without chemical products, cheap, plus the enjoyment of be able to heal yourself! For homeopathic herbal remedies, the kitchen is a wonderful and perfect place to start. You have almost every type of medication you would probably need to treat common diseases. Here are some homeopathic herbal remedies: – Homeopathic remedies for the cold – Aconite napellus This remedy may be indicated in the early stages of a cold, if the symptoms are intense and appear suddenly. Exposure to cold and wind, or a stressful or traumatic experience can precipitate illness. Symptoms include a stuffy and dry nose with a thin, warm discharge, tightness in the chest, sore throat and a stifling cough. The person often feels thirsty, cold, anxious and agitated. – Belladonna The sudden onset of a cold with fever, flushed face and restlessness clearly indicates this remedy. Symptoms may include a feeling of dryness in the nose with watery discharge and an annoying tingling in the throat. Often a strong or annoying cough, an intense red throat pain and a throbbing pain in the head or in the ears are observed. The person may be sensitive to light and drowsy or delirious with fever. – Homeopathic Cough Remedies – Bryonia This remedy is indicated when a cold is introduced into the chest and the cough is very painful and dry. The person feels worse from any movement, and may even need to hold their sides or press against the chest to keep them still. Coughing can also make the head or stomach hurt, and digestion can be altered. The mouth may be dry and the person may be thirsty. If someone is very cranky when he is sick and wants to be left alone, without speaking or bothering him, it is likely that Bryonia is the remedy. – Chamomilla A dry, harsh and irritating cough that begins after being exposed to the wind, or after being overexcited and angry, may indicate this remedy. The cough usually gets worse around nine at night and can continue until night. The nervous system is hypersensitive and the person can be extremely irritable and agitated. (Children can even scream and hit, although they often calm down if someone transports them). This remedy is also useful in asthma attacks, especially in those caused by anger. These are just some of the homeopathic herbal remedies for common diseases. If symptoms persist, seek professional help as soon as possible. Post Author – Alissa Fagin

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