4 incredible flank steak substitutes

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Knowing the best flank. fillet the substitutes will keep their summer Grilling on the road and you can expand your horizons when it comes to steaks!

Flank fillet substitutes

Flank steak substitutes can come in many forms, as a flank steak is a simple cut of meat taken from the lower part of the cow's chest. It is a generally affordable cut that is recognizable by the long pattern muscle striations through that. [1] In South America, it is known as sobrebarriga, and in Asia, it is marketed as "sautéed beef". The flan steak is presented in many grills recipes, like the fajitas, and is often stubborn to retain tenderness. However, it is not always easy to find at the meat counter. If your recipe requires flank steak, some similar cuts that can work as acceptable substitutes include hangar steak, round top, skirt steak, and triple-tip steak, among others. Let's look at them below.

Hangar Steak

The hangar steak is found in the lower ribs of the cow. It is a very lean and tasty piece of meat that is popular for fajitas and tacos. Be careful not to overcook the hangar steak. The low fat content means that this meat becomes extremely chewy and lasts when it is cooked in excess.

Top round

The "round" refers to the behind On the flank of the cow, and on the upper part, there is a large fillet cut from the top of the hindquarters. It is a thick cut of muscle and works as a good substitute for flank steak in recipes that demand Long, slow cooking, which breaks the muscle down. [2] You should not try to fry or roast at the top, since the meat is thick and will not be tender. Instead, use the top round for stew, or in a London roast.

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Skirt steak

While the flank steak is a fairly large and thick cut, the skirt steak tends to be much thinner and longer. Is cut from The same area of ​​the cow as the breast, with moderate thick veins, but it can still be difficult if it is cooked in excess, which is easy to do, due to its width. [3] A marinade is important when cooking the skirt steak, since acidity It can help soften and break muscles even before cooking. Grilled or frying For a short period of time it will lead to the most tender preparation of the meat.

Tri-Tip Steak

Most popular on the west coast, the three-pronged steak is a triangular cut of lightly veined flesh just behind the steak area. Sometimes you can also find it in the grocery store with the name triangle steak. Three-pronged steak can be Grilled but it must be marinated in advance, and works best with slow-cooking recipes, such as stew. It is also a popular cut for Chile Y stews.

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