3 tips to get rid of your back pain and gas

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Suffering from back pain? Gas can be your problem …

Back pain and gas

Whether you are adorned with flat abs or a beer belly, you may experience pain due to excess gas and fecal matter in your intestines. Experts say that if you only have one bowel movement a day, your intestines can contain up to the last eight meals.

Gas is formed by swallowing air or as a byproduct of the bacteria that inhabit your colon. It can develop within hours after eating, because the bacteria in your intestines generate gas when they digest foods that have not been previously digested.

But what are the causes of gas? Milk sugar (lactose), fruit sugar (fructose) and sorbitol, as well as starches (which in turn are broken down into simple sugars) are the main causes of gas. For example: suppose that the last thing you eat at night is fruit. Your body will begin to digest it, and because the fruit is fermented (decomposed by bacteria) very quickly, the gas will be an automatic by-product of that decomposition. Without any other food to push the gas, it will be trapped. Throughout the night, your body will fight against the effects of that gas and wake up in the morning with a deadly back pain. And probably wanting to know how to stop farts and stop belching, too.

That's why I never recommend fruit as a midnight snack. Right now you may be thinking: what's wrong with a little gas? If your belly becomes distended, like those of a pregnant woman, your abdominal muscles are stretched, which means that they can not stabilize your pelvis as they should.

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In addition to the pain of a swollen stomach, sometimes that gas sits in your intestines and awaits that embarrassing moment perfect to squeak. If you lean too fast, lift something heavy, cough or sneeze and have gas in your intestines, your presence will be noted out loud. This is shown as belching or flatulence (or in vernacular, farts).

Nutritionists will tell you that flatulence, or fart, is good for you. But it can be embarrassing or even harmful in the workplace or in public. Maybe you'd like to know how to prevent farts from embarrassing you when you least expect them, and stop belching …

Most people would do almost anything to get rid of gas emissions.

If you are undergoing some type of treatment and want to improve your chances of relieving back pain and gas, try these 3 tips:

• Drink more water. A good rule of thumb is to drink an ounce of water for every two pounds of body weight. For example, if you weigh 100 pounds, drink at least 50 ounces of water each day.

• Give yourself a visceral massage (called Sun-Moon). To begin, lie on your back and with both hands starting just above the right hip, apply pressure inward on the abdomen and go directly to the bottom of the rib cage. Then follow the lower part of the rib cage to the left and then to the top of the left hip. Go slowly and repeat tolerance.

• Natural colon cleansing. A faster option is to find a good natural colon cleansing product. Many of the new formulations taste good, work smoothly and do not cause cramping or bloating. Most of these products start working overnight. The best products come with an antiparasitic. A good colon cleansing product is your best method to stop the belching and also how to stop the farts.

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To get the best results from the back pain treatment you are testing right now, do yourself a favor: drink more water and cleanse your colon. You will be amazed at the results and your waist line will love you for that …

3 tips to get rid of your back pain and gas, Source: http://undergroundhealthreporter.com/3-tips-to-get-rid-of-your-back-pain-and-gas/

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