3 plants with hemostatic effects

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There are three main plants that help stop internal and uterine bleeding. These plants are: horsetail, lady's mantle and shepherd's purse.

When abnormal intermenstrual bleeding occurs, a visit to the gynecologist or endocrinologist is more than necessary to resolve the problem. According to the diagnosis, a natural treatment based on hemostatic plants can help stop bleeding significantly.

hemostatic plants

Horse tail

Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) is considered one of the fastest remedies when it comes to blocking internal hemorrhages and hemorrhages. When it comes to nosebleeds, an infusion of horsetail is recommended. To prepare that, you will need 200 ml of horsetail tea and 1 teaspoon of salt. Equally effective is the natural juice extracted from the roots of the horse's tail; You can drip a few drops in your nostrils.

When it is an intensive menstrual bleeding or other internal hemorrhages, to prevent them, it is advisable to take a concentrated dose of 1-2 teaspoons of horsetail powder (grind dried horsetail herb in the electric coffee grinder). Continue the treatment taking 1-2 teaspoons twice a day.

Horsetail not only stops bleeding, but also aims to help your body recover after post-hemorrhagic anemia.

Grind small amounts of grass, to discourage oxidation of horsetail powder.

The tablecloth of the lady

The lady's cloak (Alchemilla vulgaris), called the woman's plant, is used particularly to treat menstrual disorders such as amenorrhea, hyper-body, abdominal pain, headaches, nausea, dizziness and other symptoms associated with the condition. menstrual cycle. In addition, thanks to its hormonal properties, it aims to reduce the annoying effects of the symptoms of menopause.

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To significantly reduce uterine bleeding, take 2 to 4 cups of lady's mantle tea per day, for 10 days. To treat amenorrhea, the concentration of the lady's mantle should be 1 tablespoon of dried herb per cup.

The lady's cloak is also recommended to cure cervicitis, uterine fibroids and urinary tract infections.

Shepherd's purse

The shepherd's purse (Capsella bursa-pastoris) has natural hemostatic properties. It is highly effective during the menstrual cycle, since it aims to regulate bleeding. It can be used for a variety of internal hemorrhages: uterine, nasal, stomach or intestinal. It is recommended to take 2-3 cups of tea a day.


Before considering any of the natural treatments mentioned above, be sure to inquire about the possibility of side effects that these remedies might present when taken simultaneously with other conventional medications. This overlap could make your health worse. Be sure to ask your doctor about this problem and read carefully the perspective of the medications you are taking.

Keep in mind that horsetail should not be consumed for more than 6 weeks, due to the high amount of silicon. A treatment usually lasts 3 months, but a 1 month break is required during that period of time. You should not take this treatment while you are taking vitamin B1. Horsetail is also contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women.

The mantle of Lady is contraindicated for people suffering from severe constipation. Also, do not overlap with iron medications.

Shepherd's Purse is contraindicated in cardiovascular and thyroid conditions.

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