26% of arthritis supplements do not prove lead contamination and label claims

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Several recently tested arthritis supplements contained unacceptably high levels of harmful lead. Many also failed to comply with the claims of their labels on beneficial ingredient amounts.

Consumer Lab, the widely respected independent US testing organization. UU. Recently compared 21 leading formulas for arthritis supplements. All those claimed to contain glucosamine Y chondroitin sulfate, two widely known compounds to slow the progression of osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is the painful result of the breakdown of cartilage between the joints.

Of the 19 main supplements for arthritis that claimed to contain glucosamine and / or chondroitin, 26% did not perform the tests. In addition to the high levels of lead, some products contained excess manganese. While manganese improves bone formation, taking too much for long periods can lead to serious neurological side effects. arthritis supplements

Many products could not contain the levels of beneficial compounds claimed on their labels. Chondroitin sulfate fell short in several examples. Some contained only traces while one measured none at all.

Some examples of failed products include:

BioGenesis Nutraceuticals ArthroGenX it contained only 5.6% of its declared chondroitin, plus 2.81 mcg of lead per daily serving.

Essentials of joint strength by MegaFood I did not have a detectable amount of chondroitin in the product. In addition, he was contaminated with 3.09 mcg of lead per daily serving of 3 capsules. The product also claimed to be "vegetarian" and, however, appears as "green lipped mussel" as an ingredient.

Powder without glucosamine sulfate without sodium from Source Naturals It was contaminated with 2.1 mcg of lead per daily serving of 1/4 teaspoon.

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Articulation of Estroven and bone It was contaminated with 2.1 mcg of lead per daily serving of four capsules. The tablets also failed to completely separate within the 30 minute period established by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) for the disintegration tests, suggesting that they may not completely release their ingredients.

Why do some products contain much less chondroitin than is said? According to Consumer Lab:

Real chondroitin is relatively expensive. An ingredient supplier could sell "chondroitin" at a lower price to which compounds have been added. A manufacturer looking to cut corners can buy lower-cost "certified" material with a non-specific test and, as a result, end up producing products with little or no real chondroitin.

Unfortunately, when it comes to issues such as purity, content and additives, consumers should be careful. While supplements can be invaluable health resources, not all are equal.

26% of arthritis supplements fail in lead contamination tests and label statements, Source: http://undergroundhealthreporter.com/arthritis-supplements-lead-contamination/

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