22 smart new uses for things you were going to throw away

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22 smart new uses for things you were going to throw away

Turn your garbage into a treasure with these ingenious tips to reuse things you would otherwise throw into the garbage heap.

Whether you are looking for motorcycle tires, shredder paper, broken plates or even pet hairs, we have tips and tutorials for you!

So continue, take a look and go to the road to a house without waste.

Milk cartons as useful spoons


Turn your old milk cartons into a multipurpose spoon with only scissors. Use your new shovel in the garden, the compost heap, to clean cat litter, or even as a dustpan.

Here is the quick and easy tutorial.

Toilet paper tube as electric cable holder

Do you have a special drawer full of tangled electric wires? You probably do not even know what half is for.

That's where this simple and ridiculously simple toilet ship comes into play. Simply wrap the cable and place it inside the empty tube. A small colored ribbon and a label transform the matte cardboard into something beautiful and functional.

Here it is how yours should look.

Egg box as seed starters

If you are looking for some free biodegradable seed starters, hang it on your empty egg cartons. Your plants will have a lot of space to extend their roots before they enter the ground. And you know what they say: "a good start is half the battle", something that is especially true when it comes to gardening!

It is very easy to start the seeds in egg boxes, but those who need clear instructions can follow these.

Wine bottles as automatic drinkers

Wine bottle feeder.

As it appears in the post '20 tricks for the best garden in the world this spring ', a drinker for wine bottles is ideal for busy gardeners who do not have time to water their plants more than once or twice a week.

Simply fill a bottle of old wine with water, turn it around quickly and push the open end of the bottle onto the floor. Never again will you have to worry about thirsty and withered flowers.

Follow this tutorial to turn your wine bottles into drinking troughs.

Plastic bottles as storage solutions

If you buy bottled water or drink a lot of soft drinks, you are sure to have tonne Of plastic bottles entering the recycling bin every month. Hold on to a few the next time and turn your home into a super organized and orderly space with these astute possessors. They can be used to store everything from pens and pencils to cosmetics and toothbrushes.

the Two-step process is described here.

Car tire as a footstool

Who would have thought that an old and ugly tire could become something so elegant? Although it consumes a lot of time, the process is not that difficult. Add an MDF top to the tire and wrap the natural rope around it before sealing.

Handimania provides Detailed information and photographs step by step..

Old bulbs like Unique vases

DIY bulb-vase

Recycle your old and burned out bulbs in quirky vases using a small wire. You can make infinite variations of these vases, which means you can use them throughout the house or give them to friends and family.

Look how good they look here..

Paper shredder as gift wrap

There are a lot of uses for shredder paper (even like mulch, compost or cat litter), but it also looks surprisingly attractive when used to fill gift bags.

Why not try it for yourself?

Lint dryer like lighters

Camp enthusiasts can enjoy a blazing fire with these smart little firefighters. Even better, they prove that the dryer fluff it actually has a use! Press groups of the fluff in an empty egg carton and pour over the excess melted candle wax.

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Once dry, take the firefighters out of the box and store them in sealed containers until your next camping trip.

Toothbrushes as cleaning tools

If you have not saved your old toothbrushes yet, you should! Use them to scrub the computer keyboards, around the touches, clogged grilles, blinds, jewelry and much more. Before using them, dip them in a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water for a couple of hours and allow them to air dry.

Are here 15 things you can clean using your old toothbrush.

Cans as romantic luminaries

tin lanterns

With just a hammer and a nail, you can transform the old boring cans of tomatoes and soups into beautiful tea-cups. These easy-to-make flashlights bring a little ambient lighting to your patio or patio, perfect for long summer nights.

Is link explains the process.

Aluminum foil as a purifier of pots

Did you know that aluminum foil can be easily reused once you wash it first with soap and water? Once you have removed as much as you can from your aluminum foil in terms of food storage, simply toss it into a ball and use it to clean your pots.

That it can also be used to sharpen scissors, shine metal and clean your grill.

Cans of soda can as jewelry

To make this funky pop eyelash bracelet, you will need around 20 soda tablets (depending on the size of your wrist). File the rough edges down and join them using a string, ribbon or colored string. This is the look you are looking for.

For another great craft of soda can, take a look The bright Christmas decorations in this post..

Box of handkerchiefs like vase

vase handkerchief box

No one will ever know that this magnificent vase of flowers was created from an empty cardboard handkerchief box. The use of spray paint, decoupage or wrapping paper completely disguises the previous use of this vase and really makes the display of flowers "pop".

Follow the instructions here.

Greeting Cards like Mason Jar Toppers

If you are the type of person who likes to give food, this recycling advice is for you. Cut out old greeting cards and use them on top of your Mason jars for a personalized touch. Tie a coordinating gift tag made with the same card and your homemade offer will look like a million dollars.

Watch as S.C.R.A.P does.

Pieces of puzzle as peculiar house decoration

Do not throw away the old puzzles just because some pieces are missing, as they are excellent craft supplies. Glue the pieces in the way you prefer: a heart or a star always look good, and decorate them with a ribbon. Use them to frame your favorite photos or simply show them as they are.

Good to know know offers step by step instructions.

Board game pieces like eclectic wind chimes

wind chime board game

Now that you have found a use for incomplete puzzle pieces, why not try the same thing using random pieces of board games? The iron and top hat of Monopoly, the scrabble tiles, the dominoes, the extra dice and even the chess pieces can look fantastic when they turn into a bright wind bell.

Here it is the look you are looking for.

Odd socks like Cozies mug

It's amazing how many socks they lose to their teammates on the short trip from the laundry basket to the laundry line! Finally, here is a way to use the laggards who have lagged behind.

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It is not necessary to knit, sew, or cunning skills of any kind, this project is a doddle.

Broken dishes like a mosaic table

Chipped plates can be a bit dangerous, especially if you have small ones around, but there is no need to overturn them. With a little patience and time, they can be used to bring a Mediterranean touch to your home or garden.

Break the plates into smaller pieces (with safety glasses and thick cloth), and use tile adhesive to secure your design on an old table before applying grout and sealing.

Is How to do for Dummies Explain the process in more depth.

Wine corks as bath mat

cork bath mat

This DIY bath mat can compete with a bamboo version at any time in terms of sustainability and durability, but comes without the strong price tag. So, what do you need to create your own version? Just a shelf liner, hot glue and 175 wine corks … it's time to start collecting!

It also lasts around 18 months, which is quite impressive for an updated project. Discover how to make your own here.

Bottle caps as splash guard

If you're a beer lover, why not turn your special edition beer covers into a backsplash behind your sink or countertop? Not only is it an excellent way to reduce waste, it also allows you to remember your favorite beers forever.

Simply adhere the covers as you would with the tiles and then apply grout and seal. Watch more about this project here.

Dehumidifying water Reused

Those with particularly wet or damp homes will know how much water they can accumulate In a day In the tank of a dehumidifier. For some, several liters is the norm.

Water is a precious commodity, so being smart can help the planet and save money. Unfortunately, the water that comes from a dehumidifier contains several contaminants, so it is not safe to drink it. That said, you do not have to go down the drain without bringing another benefit.

You can use it for Water the plants (although not the ones you are eating), to clean your car (once you add soap), to clean the toilets or to iron your clothes.

Pet hair like a bird's nest

Ok while you technically you can not make a bird's nest with your pet's hair, you can help our winged friends design their own cozy homes.

The next time you brush your dog or cat, collect all the loose fluff and fur that accumulates on the brush. It is perfect for lining bird nests, ensuring they stay comfortable no matter the weather.

Leave the fur outside in a tallow feeder or stuck to the clothesline and you will be surprised how quickly it disappears. More tips to help birds make their nests. It can be found here.

Ideas for reusing food waste

No publication on the reuse of things that would otherwise be undone would be complete without mentioning kitchen waste.

After all, each year more than 30% of grocery stores in the United States are discarded, according to the USDA. Dear – That's about $ 162 billion in food!

While the obvious choice for food waste is the compost pile, there are several other uses too! Are here 35 great ways to use your leftovers For the home, the garden and beauty.

Reference: https://www.naturallivingideas.com/22-new-uses-for-things-you-were-going-to-throw-away/, by Jayne Leonard

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