20 ways that a bottle of lavender essential oil will change your life

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Lavender is one of the most versatile herbs. Its diverse health benefits range from pain relief and mental clarity to its use as an antibacterial cleanser and natural deodorant.

NOTE: Lavender is also an emmenagogue, which means that it promotes menstruation and blood flow to the pelvic area. Pregnant and lactating women should consult their doctor before using this oil for any application.

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Ready to explore the twenty main uses of lavender oil? Find out why this is a miracle in a bottle …

one. Antibacterial

A powerful antibacterial herb, lavender oil can be mixed with natural surfactants to create more efficient household cleaners. Use a few drops of lavender oil to clean infected wounds, prevent infections and promote faster healing.

two. Improve the skin

Due to its antibacterial properties, lavender oil is a effective treatment for acne That also helps to balance the production of sebum and improve the complexion. Add lavender oil to a completely natural cleanser or moisturizer to help eliminate acne and reduce scarring. A few drops of lavender oil added to a carrier oil can help relieve the itching and dryness caused by eczema. The same can be used to relieve mild rashes and other skin irritations, such as those caused by excessive heat and humidity or environmental allergens.

3. Antifungal remedy

Rub a few drops of lavender oil on the skin infected with ringworm. Repeat once a day until the fungus has been eliminated. Apply lavender oil daily on fungal infected nails to hydrate and heal while the new healthy nail grows. Soak feet in water with lavender infusion to relieve irritation and help cure fungal infections.

4. Insect repellent

Many flying insects do not like the smell of lavender, making it a safe alternative to other topical insect repellents. Lavender plant around windows and doors to prevent insects from entering your home. Hang bags of dried lavender in cupboards or store them in drawers to repel moths. Rub on skin infected with digging mites (scabies) and then follow up daily treating the skin with a mixture of lavender oil and alcohol. Sprinkle lavender oil on a mattress to keep insects away in the bedroom.

5. Tranquil nerves

Lavender oil or water infused with lavender can help soothe nerves and cure anxiety. Rub or spray the temples, forehead and back of the jaw to relieve stress or use it as a preventative before entering a stressful environment.

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6. Clear the mind

Fight fatigue by adding a few drops of lavender oil to a warm bath. Combine dry lavender with rosemary, sage and incense in a small bag to create an aromatherapy aid for mental clarity during a long flight or car trip. Add lavender, mint and basil oil to sea salt to create your own homemade aromatic salts.

7. Relieve Pain

Lavender oil can be used to relieve pain caused by minor burns, cuts and bruises. Rub a few drops of oil on and around the injured skin to promote circulation and healing. Massage lavender oil on sore muscles to soothe pain and relieve tension or add a few drops to Epsom salt bath for a soak to relieve pain. Massage lavender oil on the temples, behind the jaw and on the forehead to soothe the headache. Gently rub lavender oil on the abdomen and then apply a warm compress to avoid menstrual cramps. Apply lavender oil to insect bites or stings to relieve pain and itching.

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8. Promote Respiratory health

Lavender oil added to boiling water can be inhaled with steam to open the nostrils and help clear up sinus infections. Rub a few drops near the nostrils (avoid contact with the eyes), around the forehead and temples, and at the back of the neck for lasting relief of sinus pressure and inflammation. Prepare tea with dry lavender or use lavender vapor inhalation to help with coughing, sneezing and throat irritation.

9. Improve Digestion

Drink lavender tea after a meal to relieve indigestion and reduce acid reflux. Alternatively, try a drop of therapeutic-grade lavender oil (safe for ingestion) on the back of the tongue to soothe the stomach and improve digestion.

10 Help to sleep

Lavender oil in the bedroom can help sleep better. Sprinkle on pillows or add lavender oil to a diffuser to overcome insomnia. Add a couple of drops of lavender to a baby's nighttime bath to help sleep. Alternatively, you can spray a few drops on a favorite stuffed animal or blanket to achieve a similar effect. Combine the dried lavender with your favorite tea to prepare a relaxing drink for bedtime.

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11. reduce fever

Add one or two drops of lavender oil to warm water and gently wash the body to reduce fever in adults and children.

12. Soothe sunburns

First, lower the temperature of the skin around the burns by exposing it to cold water for a few minutes. Then gently apply lavender oil on the sunburned areas for immediate relief.

13. Relieve the earaches

Apply warm lavender oil to the skin behind the ears, on the temples, under the jaw and on the sides of the throat to relieve the symptoms of an earache.

14. relieve Cinchose

Apply a drop of lavender oil to several. pressure points on the face, dolls, etc. to help with minor nausea and disorientation due to motion sickness. Although this remedy is effective in the short term, it is not recommended for longer periods where motion sickness can be a persistent problem, such as in airplanes or cruises.

15. moisten Dry eyes

While you want to avoid getting theSell ​​oil in your eyes, carefully rub a drop near the bridge of the nose can stimulate the production of tears.

16. Heal cracked skin

Apply therapeutic-grade organic lavender oil on cracked lips to relieve pain, prevent further drying and promote faster healing. Add lavender oil to a completely natural moisturizer to help soothe and heal dry and cracked hands.

17. Natural Deodorizer

Add lavender oil to your clothes to kill bacteria that cause bad odor during the wash cycle. Sprinkle lavender oil on dry leaves to add a nice floral scent to clothing, bedding, curtains, towels, etc.

18 Aromatherapy

Pour the lavender oil in a diffuser To promote balance and relaxation. Add lavender oil to your bath water to help you relax after a long, stressful day.

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19 Seasoning

Add dry lavender or therapeutic grade organic lavender oil to the loaves or other dishes to experiment with the unique flavor of the herb and the wonderful floral scent.

20. Invest Hair loss

Lavender oil used daily as part of a stimulating massage of the scalp can help regenerate hair. While this treatment is slow, sometimes it takes several months or more, it is a proven natural remedy for hair loss. Read more about natural solutions for thinning hair. in this post.

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