19 ideas to start and end your day with joy

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For a ritual to become habitual, it has to be something that you constantly expect and enjoy. Experiment until you find your rhythm and alternate with the seasons, the weather and the amount of time you have.

Here is a 20-step buffet for the happiness of the morning and night that will drastically change your life. Remember, take what you want, and leave the rest!

The morning buffet:

1. Practice gratitude.

Starting the day with gratitude and intention will make your morning better and filtered for the rest of your day. (This also works very well at night). Write five things for which you are grateful. It seems simple, but it is a game change. Focus on the good; Abundance breeds abundance.

2. Test the oil extraction

Sometimes I get oil, sometimes not. I used to be very dogmatic about it, and I punished myself if I did not do it for a day. I try to make sure I do it at least a couple of times a week, but I do not worry if I'm traveling or I have to get up very early.

3. Drink warm lemon water.

Hydration first thing in the morning will change your day drastically. We all know that we should drink water, but we are busy and we forget. So at least hydrate in the morning, that way if everything else fails later in the day, at least you will have done it.

4. meditate

Taking a few minutes to cleanse the mind can be as beneficial as taking a shower. Maybe just listen to a favorite song, close your eyes and breathe in the morning. Maybe it's a minute, maybe it's 20, just do it.

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5. Get moving!

Moving your body in the early morning will be energizing and will tell your body that it is time to be awake. This does not need to be a hard training every day; It could be as simple as some yoga postures, some stretches or turns, a quick walk to get acquainted with the air temperature, or just dance with your favorite song.

6. breakfast

Make breakfast a conscious practice, regardless of what you are eating. Eat what you want, but take the time to sit down and enjoy it, because nurturing for a successful day is the key. Eating on the go is inevitable at times, but as much as possible, take the time to be present and enjoy yourself.

7. dressing

It sounds simple, but for me to put on real clothes (not just yoga clothes), even if you are working from home, you will automatically feel more armed and help you be more productive.

8. Make your bed like you are Martha Stewart

Get really into it with the pillows and enjoy every little part of it. I do this every morning and this practice reminds me every day that I approach everything with a "beginner's mind". This sets the tone for the rest of my day and I try to instill that same intention in each act.

9. Daily

Getting the thoughts with which you wake up leaves your mind clears the space so you have room for new creatives. Whether it's the fears you woke up with, a lot of ideas or a funky dream, getting it out on paper is simple but revolutionary. The Artist's Way suggests three pages each morning, just write and see what comes out.

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