17 Anti Aging Oils For Beautiful Skin + Recipes!

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While there are many commercial anti-aging products available, most of these formulas are expensive and contain potentially harmful chemicals that actually harm your skin in the long term. Instead of pouring money into these prefabricated "beauty products," why not create your own using all natural anti-aging oils?

We will begin by listing the best carrier oils and their associated health benefits. Then we will tell you which essential oils are the best to cure and restore the youthful appearance of the skin. Finally, we have found a couple of excellent recipes for you to start making your own anti-aging and curative DIY serum.

1. Apricot oil

Apricot kernel It is one of the best carrier oils to create mixtures of oils that heal the skin. Rich in omega-6 gamma-linolenic acidKernel apricot oil helps moisturize and nourish the skin, while vitamins A and E contained in the oil promote the regeneration of skin cells and the production of collagen to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Apricot oil is absorbed into the skin relatively quickly and is considered non-greasy, so it can be used on virtually any skin type. However, this oil is especially useful for moisturizing and healing very dry skin.

2. Sweet almond oil

almonds oilSweet almond oil contains large amounts of vitamins E and K, which means that this oil not only helps the skin to regenerate and maintain elasticity, but also promotes better circulation. In addition, sweet almond oil is a natural UV blocker, so it is ideal for people who spend a lot of time in the sun.

Sweet almond oil offers the added benefit of being odorless, making it an excellent choice for those who do not enjoy the smell of botanical oils or whose employers do not allow the use of perfumed botanical oils in the workplace. This carrier oil is only slightly oily (approximately the same consistency of olive oil) and is absorbed relatively quickly.

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3. coconut oil

Organic virgin coconut oil It is full of antioxidant vitamin E, which makes it an excellent carrier oil for anti-aging serums that heal the skin. Coconut oil is also mainly composed of medium chain triglycerides lauric acid, known to be one of the healthiest oils for your skin and body.

Coconut oil not only helps reduce the signs of aging, it is also excellent for strengthening the epidermis against cellulitisfading stretch marks, and eliminating Keratosis pillar. Coconut oil is a natural sunscreen, so you can use it to protect your skin from sun damage without the use of harmful chemicals. It can even be used to prevent or treat skin infections. (Read all about the Health benefits of coconut oil in this article!)

4. Avocado oil

While Avocado oil It is a very thick oil, probably too thick for most people to use in sensitive areas such as the face. It is one of the healthiest carrier oils for the skin. Avocado oil is rich in vitamins A and E, as well as in plants that increase collagen. sterolins.

Because avocado oil is very thick, I recommend using sera with this carrier at night or when you plan to stay home for the day. Also, try using avocado oil in combination with another carrier if you discover that your anti-aging serum is too sticky.

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5. Argan oil

Argan oilArgan oil It is composed of approximately 80% of fatty acids that work wonders to hydrate the skin, restore elasticity and fade fine lines and wrinkles, which makes it another excellent carrier oil for anti-aging serums. Read more about 11 miraculous benefits of argan oil in this article!

6. Rosehip seed oil

Rosehip seed oil It can be used as a carrier oil or as an auxiliary ingredient, according to the recipe. This incredible oil is best known for its high concentration (the highest of any pure botanical oil) of natural vitamin A. all-trans retinoic acid (or ATRA, as is often abbreviated). ATRA is known for its powerful ability to reduce the depth of wrinkles, attenuate fine lines, lighten age spots and promote total healing of damaged skin by increasing the growth rate of new cells and increasing collagen production deep in the surface of the skin.

Rosehip oil is also rich in nutrients for the skin. essential fatty acids including omega-6 linoleic acid and omega-3 linolenic acid Which help improve the elasticity, texture and appearance of the skin. In addition, because rosehip seed oil is lighter than many other botanical oils used for skin care, it is ideal for people who want perfect skin without the sensation and appearance of a greasy complexion.

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7. Carrot seed oil

Carrot seed oil is full of antioxidant carotenoids that stimulate the body's immune response to UV rays, helping to prevent sun damage. Carotenoids also stimulate the rejuvenation of skin cells, help in the detoxification process and can help cure chronic skin diseases such as eczema Y psoriasis.

8. Geranium oil

Geranium oil It is an effective anti-inflammatory. It also helps to clear up age spots and even out the overall tone of the skin. Geranium oil also improves circulation under the surface of the skin, which aids in cell regeneration, making it useful for faded scars, wrinkles and other imperfections visible on the skin.

9. Sea buckthorn berry oil

Another essential oil rich in vitamins that is excellent for reversing the signs of aging, Sea buckthorn berry oil It can help moisturize dry skin, treat acne and reduce the visibility of other skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation and eczema. Read more about The wonderful benefits of Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil here..

10. Pomegranate seed oil

Pomegranate seed oil It contains very high concentrations of antioxidants that help prevent the damage of free radicals and slow down the aging process. Punic and ellagic acids contained in this essential oil help to nourish the skin, improve elasticity and promote cell regeneration. Pomegranate seed oil also protects and heals dry, irritated, burned or damaged skin, such as that which is affected by eczema or psoriasis.

11. Neroli oil

Neroli oil It is a powerful antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic that is also ideal to soothe damaged or irritated skin, heal scars, improve circulation, reduce lines and wrinkles, as well as for fading. stretch marks.

12. The cypress oil

Cypress oil It helps improve circulation, strengthens the skin and reduces the appearance of varicose veins and broken capillaries under the surface of the skin.

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13. The incense oil

Use Incense oil To help regenerate skin cells, reducing the appearance of scars, fine lines and wrinkles. Incense is also ideal for hardening the sagging skin, night tone and balancing the pH of the skin. Read more about this wonderful essential oil here.

14. Lemon oil

lemon oilLemon oil It can help to lighten dark spots, as well as prevent and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, in addition to much more.

15. Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood oil It can help soothe damaged or irritated skin and at the same time fade scars, lines and wrinkles to soften the surface of the skin. Read more about it here.

16. Oil of myrrh

Use Myrrh oil to help increase the strength of the skin, for a smoother and healthier skin looking younger.

17. Rosemary oil

Rosemary oil It helps to tighten the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also acts as a natural preservative for any other oil that can be mixed with it. Discover More about the magic of this essential oil here.

Recipes Anti Aging

Now that you have the information you need on what oils are best for reversing the signs of aging and achieving beautiful skin, take a look at the following recipe combinations.

Firming and anti-aging serum.

Use this anti-aging oil mixture in the morning and at night to firm skin and tone.

Will need:

2 tablespoons each Rosehip seed oil Y Sweet almond oil

10 drops each of Cypress oil Y Geranium oil

7 drops Incense oil

(For complete instructions, visit primallyinspired.com.)

Super Anti Aging Serum

Use this anti-aging serum at night after your usual facial cleansing routine.

Will need:

1/2 cup Apricot kernel

10 drops each of: Carrot seed oil, Rosehip seed oilY Sandalwood oil

5 drops each of: Geranium oil, Lemon oil, Incense oil, Myrrh oilY Rosemary oil

(For complete instructions, visit simplelifemom.com.)

Easy Anti-Oxidizing Serum

For a wonderful anti-aging combination that is easy to make and does not require a long list of essential oils, try this blend of apricot kernel oils, rosehip seed and carrot seed.

Will need:

1/2 cup Apricot kernel

20 – 25 drops each of <a data-amzn-asin = "B003Q9VY0C" href = "// buy.geni.us/Proxy.ashx?TSID=12659&GR_URL=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.amazon.com%2Fgp % 2Fproduct% 2FB003Q9VY0C% 2Fref% 3Das_li_tl% 3Fie% 3DUTF8% 26camp% 3D1789% 26creative% 3D390957% 26creative% 0A% 0Reference:% 20https: //www.naturallivingideas.com/17-anti-aging-oils-beautiful-skin-recipes/,%20By%20Janice%20Taylor

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