16 painless ways to make your Thanksgiving dinner greener

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On the fourth Thursday of each month of November, families from across the United States gather to eat, drink and have fun at a Thanksgiving celebration that honors the first settlers and their harvest party.

Of course, back then the carbon footprint of his party was almost nothing. At that time, the pilgrims grew, harvested and served their own food. At that time, modern conveniences that consumed a lot of energy and fossil fuels did not cause havoc in our environment.

You can not say the same for today's Thanksgiving party, it's an incredibly useless time.

For example, in the period from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day, non-food waste increases by more than 20%, an additional 5 million tonnes, according to the Environmental protection agency.

There's also three times so much food waste during the same period, when compared With other times of the year. And then there's the whole extra trip that causes air and water pollution.

If we really want to celebrate Thanksgiving as the first pilgrims did, then we must reduce our waste and environmental impact, while continuing to mark the occasion in style!

Here are 16 easy ways to do that:

Keep trip down

Spending holidays at home is, in itself, one huge wAnd you can have a favorable impact on the environment this Thanksgiving.

The day before and the Sunday after Thanksgiving are two of the busiest days of the year when it comes to traveling: a Dear 24 million people fly during the holiday period.

Of course, sometimes traveling is inevitable. Especially if you have promised to spend the holidays with your family or friends. If that is the case, consider taking the train – the greener mode Travel. If you are driving, make sure your car is running efficiently so you do not use more fuel than you should.

Go plant-based

While it may not be your idea of ​​"traditional", it is well recognized that a plant-based diet has the least environmental impact.

In fact, the United Nations believe that a global change towards a vegan diet is vital to save the world from hunger, poverty and the worst impacts of climate change.

While the turkey is by no means the worst meat in terms of its carbon footprint, two 3.5 oz. servings is the equivalent of driving six miles in your car. On the other hand, a cup of broccoli is responsible for only about half a mile of driving.

Do you think it will not be the same without the meat? Think again!

Herbal foods can be delicious, healthy and plentiful. Try some of these 41 delicious vegan Thanksgiving recipes and see for yourself.

Local shop

Apart from growing your own, buying local is the best way to download your miles of food (the distance over which a food is transported from its producer to you).

Go to the nearest farmers market to get some seasonal products from small local producers and check the labeling of the supermarkets to see the origins of the products you are placing in your cart.

Go organic

Buying organic It will not only benefit your health and the environment., but you will also have a more authentic Thanksgiving party. After all, the pilgrims certainly ate only organic foods!

Organic agriculture works with nature and supports biodiversity to preserve soil quality and the delicate balance of our ecosystem. Conventional agriculture, on the other hand, poisons our water supplies, destroys the land and kills many species of plants and animals.

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An organic label also means that the product has not been genetically modified either way. If you are worried about buying organic products on a limited budget, read this post for advice.

Fresco is better

Another way to make smart environmental decisions in the grocery store is to choose fresh fruits and vegetables instead of canned ones.

Commercial canning of vegetables. uses 3 billion kWh of energy per year. That's enough to run more than 8.5 million refrigerators for a whole year!

By avoiding canned products, you will also reduce your exposure to BPA – a disruptive chemical substance in the hormone that lines the cans … that even the FDA has "some concerns".

Use less plastic

By purchasing at farmers' markets and bulk product containers and in the fresh produce section, you will automatically be buying products that come in less plastic wrap.

If you are buying soft drinks or bottled water, you should know that making bottles to meet the demand for United States bottled water more than 17 million barrels of oil per year..

That's enough to feed 1.3 million cars for a year.

Opt for drinks that come in glass bottles or invest in a good water filter – Learn more about purifying your water here..

Make sure you bring your own bags to the supermarket, a habit that is good to keep all year.

Invest in a roasting pan

Yes, disposable binders are incredibly useful. But they are also bad for the environment.

In fact, if everyone in the United States used a disposable grill to cook their Thanksgiving meal, there would be 46 million aluminum foil pans that are thrown every year.

Invest in a good quality ceramic or glass, as it can last a lifetime.

Fabric napkins

Go traditional with some cloth napkins instead of paper napkins. Again, while paper ones are convenient, they are incredibly useless and definitely not ecological.

Did you know That the average American uses 2,200 two-ply paper napkins per year? That's 662 billion napkins that end up in American garbage cans every twelve months!

If you want your napkins to have a Thanksgiving theme, try putting the plain cloth napkins with a ring of DIY napkins. Are here 15 for you to choose.

Take out the china

If you are using real napkins, you can not serve your food very well in disposable plates or cups!

It is a sad fact those 64 billion paper and 73 billion polystyrene and plastic cups and plates are discarded in a period of 12 months in the US alone. UU Use your best crockery and cutlery and celebrate with style.

Do not you have good dishes to serve? Pick up some at a thrift store to get more eco-friendly brownie spots.

Decorate with nature

Take the outdoors by using natural elements to make your home cozy and festive. This helps you reduce the consumption of plastics, toxic chemicals in aerosols and glues, and the countless amounts of water and energy used to create decorations bought in stores.

In addition, your home will be unique and all for mere cents.

Why not try some of these beautiful crafts?

Pine Cone Place Cards for the table DIY mini pumpkin candlesticks – Works for tea candles too! A foraging Homemade magnolia leaf garland This impressive but simple Center of blueberries

You can also try any of these 23 natural ways to make your home smell like autumn..

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Turn off the lights

Immerse yourself in the Christmas spirit (and save on your utility bills) with a relaxing atmosphere and subdued lighting. Enjoy your meal by candlelight and curl up in front of an open fire at night.

After dinner, do not sit in front of the television all night. Turn it off and go for a refreshing walk in nature. You can also save energy in other ways: see how Stay warm without starting the thermostat.

Reduce food waste

Before going to the stores, make sure you do not buy and prepare too much food!

The USDA of the United States Dear that more than 30% of grocery stores in the United States are thrown away each year, worth $ 162 billion in food!

Since the festive period sees three times more waste than at other times of the year, it is the ideal time to start, as it has to stop the waste.

In addition to better planning, you can also send your guests home with the leftovers. It will save them preparing a meal the next day, which will save them energy, water and miles of food.

No more plastic wrap

Whether you are sending your guests home with food, or saving it for you, you will want to avoid the use of plastic wrap … or any type of disposable container.

All American years do enough plastic film for wrap the state of Texas!

Store your food in empty glass jars or in reusable containers.

Add to the compost pile

Anything you do not go to eat, or send home with your guests, can be composted (apart from meat and dairy). The peeling of fruits and vegetables and the cores of their preparation before dinner can also be included there.

And, when you start your own compost pile, you can save. even more miles of food, since you also accumulate miles getting food waste. away from you and the landfill. To learn more about composting here.

Detoxify your cleaning

Your ecological efforts do not have to end just because the food does! When the time for cleaning comes, you can make more green choices.

Conventional cleaners are full of chemicals that are dangerous both to the environment and to our health. Check your arsenal of cleaning products with some homemade versions, most of which can be made with items you already have in your kitchen.

For example, your cutlery can be cleaned with old and smooth vinegar. see the instructions here. And here they are 40 greener cleaning tips for every room in your house!

Compensate the damage

While it is important to take steps to reduce our environmental impact, it is still important to enjoy the festivities! It is not always possible to do all We must reduce waste and pollution.

One thing we can easily do, however, is compensate for some of the damage Our modern style of living causes to the environment.

How can we do that?

An idea is to plant a tree! Going to Purify the air, improve water quality and provide a safe haven for wildlife. Here is even more good reasons to plant a tree today.

Why not go one better and ask all your guests to do the same? Consider including a favor of "Plant a tree" for each guest too!

Reference: https://www.naturallivingideas.com/16-painless-ways-to-make-your-thanksgiving-dinner-more-eco-friendly/, by Jayne Leonard

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