15 best egg wash substitutes

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Egg Wash is a beaten egg that is diluted with. Milk or the water Brush lightly on cakes and breads before. baking and provides a crunchy, golden bread shine. It is also used to join the breaded to the fried. foods. There are many reasons why a person may not be able to use eggs in their baking, from food allergies Dieting At those times, you may need a substitute for egg washing to recreate the crunchy and tempting crust that can provide an egg wash.

Egg wash substitute

The best substitute for washing eggs is milk. You can also use lactos and water, melted Butter, olive oil, honey, Maple syrup, yogurtY vegan options like soy or almond milk.

Milk or cream

One of the easiest substitutes for washing eggs is simply Brush the milk or cream in the dough before baking. [1] This will recreate the color of an egg, without adding flavor or unwanted oil.

Melted butter

This is a popular substitute for washing eggs and even enhances the taste of certain recipes. But use the melted Butter in moderation, since the butter will be soaked in dough and can add a lot of fat.

egg wash substitute

Almond milk

Almond Milk, an alternative to traditional milk, can also be used as a wash. It will give the dough a dark golden tone, but it will also give the dough a nutty touch.


A light brushed of oil It will give the dough a crispy crust, but use it slightly to avoid greasing or burning it. [2]

Honey or maple syrup

Sweet options like honey or Maple syrup It will turn your patisserie into a deep golden brown, with a lot of caramelized crunching. However, you can also burn Very quickly in a hot oven, so it is best to use it with quick recipes, or wash towards the end of cooking time.

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Mayonnaise It is a thick extension that works as an excellent substitute for egg washing when fried. chicken.

Soy milk and rice milk

Rice The milk or soy milk can be replaced by washing the egg to make a pre-bathed bath, or combined with flour to make a sticky batter.


For baked bread, try immersion The food in milk or yogurt, then rolling in breaded or crumbs. [3] The dairy will help unite the breaded while retaining moisture.

Olive oil

Using olive Oil as an alternative to washing eggs is an excellent option, since it can give your recipe a golden and crunchy shine.

Malt syrup

While bread delights, the use of a malt syrup as an egg-washing alternative gives your dish a caramelized, nutty flavor.


your fruitFood-based cooking should not stop if it is not washed from eggs or other well-known alternatives. Using molasses It will give you a similar flavor leaving a unique flavor.

Golden bud

Any recipe that requires a golden glaze, you should definitely get it! Use the golden yolk while preparing puff pastries and observe the magic.

Custard powder

A combination of custard powder And the water can give your cakes the perfect finish, making them look attractive.

Ground flaxseed

If you subscribe to a vegan diet and also want to avoid dairy, mix a spoonful of earth Flax seed With three tablespoons of warm water until it is thick. This flax paste will unite the breaded or the dough, and it can also be used to apply some brightness to the pastries and dough.

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Other alternatives

If you want to try more options, you can use aquafaba, agave syrup, and many butter substitutes like coconut oil, Coconut butter, etc.

Knowing the best egg dish substitutes will help you stay fresh in the kitchen, especially if you love to bake, but you must avoid eggs!

The 15 best egg-washing substitutes, reference: https://www.organicfacts.net/egg-wash-substitute.html

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