12 reasons why you should chew paan or betel leaves

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Chewing paan or betel leaves is often frowned upon. But here are some reasons why one should regularly consume betel leaves.

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Ideally, a paan is made by wrapping areca nuts, tobacco and slaked lime in betel leaves. Because tobacco and areca nuts are known to cause cancer, you should avoid chewing paan with them. The betel leaf has many medicinal benefits and has been widely used in Ayurveda.

Benefits of health

Improves digestion: Chewing betel leaves requires a lot of effort and "works" your salivary gland. Stimulates the release of saliva, which is the first step of digestion, since several enzymes in it break down food, which facilitates digestion. Natural substances such as It is also known that ginger, figs, fennel, etc., improve digestion. Prevents carcinogenesis in the oral cavity: Chewing betel leaves has also been shown to prevent Cancer By maintaining the levels of ascorbic acid in saliva, ascorbic acid is an excellent antioxidant that helps reduce free radicals in the body and prevents cancer. Help maintain good oral hygiene: Betel leaves have several compounds that have bactericidal effects that help to destroy the bacteria that cause bad breath. In addition, various spices such as cloves, fennel, cardamom. When you wrap it in betel nut to make paan, make an excellent air freshener. It is also known that spices such as cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, etc. solve many oral problems. It is an aphrodisiac. It is known that the betel leaf has aphrodisiac properties and chewing paan just before having sex makes the process more pleasant. It is a common practice to offer seasoning paan to newlyweds. Treats gastric ulcers: It is known that betel leaf extracts have gastroprotective activity and help prevent gastric ulcers.two Treatment of warts: Betel leaves are an important component in several Ayurvedic medicines used in the treatment of warts. It is known that these medications do not leave scars and eliminate the wart completely without recurrence. Cure boils: They are widely used in Ayurveda for the treatment of boils. The betel leaves are heated until they are a little softer and coated with castor oil and placed on the boil. It is known that this treatment breaks the boil and drains it. Candies diabetes: It is known that betel leaf extracts control blood sugar levels and have an effective antidiabetic property.4 Treat cough: It is known that betel leaf extract mixed with honey relieves cough and helps eliminate phlegm from the chest. Relieves headache: It is also known that the betel leaf has analgesic properties and, therefore, applying it on the affected area effectively reduces the headache. Healing wounds: It is known that the juice of betel leaves, when applied to a wound and sold with betel leaves, is cured in two days. Cure constipation: The stem of the betel leaves submerged in castor oil, when introduced into the rectum, effectively relieves constipation. Along with betel leaves, natural remedies such as flax seeds, triphala, lemon, etc. They are also known to cure constipation.

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