12 of your favorite fast foods and unhealthy treats made healthy!

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Are you struggling to give up that beloved hamburger or plate of chips? Try these healthy fast food exchanges! We guarantee you will love them as much as the originals!

1. pizza

Pizza It makes a great gift, but the take-out versions are loaded with highly processed ingredients, loads of refined fats, preservatives and other additives. Instead, add your favorite ingredients to this delicious cauliflower pizza base that increases your vegetable intake and satisfies those cravings.

2. hamburger

Some days, there's nothing like a plentiful burger to fill you up However, most hamburgers have a minimum of nutrients, but a ton of calories, fat and unwanted ingredients! Even buns are typically loaded with added sugar! So, what is an alternative? We love using the Portobello mushrooms for the "bread" and filling it with our favorites. Do not let the fact that it is a mushroom deceive you. This burger will fill you to the brim without filling you up!

3. Fries

Overfeed your portion of french fries Using sweet potato and baking instead! You will cut the refined and processed oils and increase the value of the nutrients! This recipe offers a pinch of coconut and cinnamon, but we also recommend using smoked paprika, Himalayan sea salt and black pepper for a tastier accompaniment.

4. chocolate

Who does not like chocolate? When you need a chocolate solution, avoid varieties bought in the store filled with sugar and processed ingredients, and opt for a bit of decadent raw chocolate! You can do something yourself in a very short time and adapt the accessories so that they adapt to your taste buds. Personalized chocolate? Yes please!

5. gummy fruit bears

Most of the gummy candies are composed of some form of sugar syrup, colors, flavors and gelatin of animal origin. They are easy to eat in excess and do not provide vitamins or minerals. If you love gummies, there is a much healthier vegan alternative! Try these Wonderfully delicious gummies For an occasional, fruity treatment.

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6. Fish and chips

A regular choice on the beach or when having a picnic in the park, the smell of Fish and French fries It tends to take people to their favorite summer vacation destination. Recreate this traditional combo with this paleo crumb recipe! Serve with a side of sweet potato fries to enjoy a much healthier version of this classic cult meal. There's even a recipe for tartar sauce included!

7. Tacos

Tacos are an excellent, fun and interactive meal when there are people or when you simply need a quick mid-week meal. Unlike fast-food varieties, you'll know exactly what's in these vegans, Lentil and Nut Lugs! Fill them with lots of vegetables and you've won a winning meal!

8. nachos

It's Friday night, you do not feel like going out, but you do not want to cook either. So, what can you do in an instant? Try these fully charged vegan nachos! They are full of black beans, salsa, vegetarian sauce without cheese, guacamole, red onion, jalapeños, hot sauce and cilantro! Prepare sauces in advance so you can prepare them quickly.

9. Chicken nuggets and barbecue sauce

Chicken nuggets are one of the most processed fast foods that exist! No one is really sure what they contain, but there is a way you can be sure! Make your own chicken nuggets at home. With a paleo coconut crust and barbecue sauce. For a vegan alternative, simply use firm organic tofu and cut it into cubes. Crumble the tofu cubes using this recipe.

10. Frozen donuts

Did you know that a single Krispy Kreme donut with chocolate ice cream contains 5.3 teaspoons of sugar and 17 g of fat? Not to mention the long list of artificial additives! Bake these delicious Baked gluten-free donuts with caramel and chocolate glaze to enjoy a chocolate donut with much lighter and more nutritious ice cream. It will take you less than 20 minutes to prepare!

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11. Slice of caramel

One of the most popular recipes on our site, it is beautiful Slice of Raw Caramel It's so easy to do and it always disappears fast! Satisfy your sweet taste and surprise your guests. We guarantee that it will be a pleasure for the crowd! In addition, it is full of healthy ingredients that offer a wide range of vitamins and minerals in each piece!

12. Fudge Brownies

Regular homemade brownies are mainly composed of fat, sugar and highly processed white flour. The packaged varieties are even worse with so many more ingredients processed in the mix! This sick combination makes you feel full, sick and without energy. But a chocolate candy is not out of bounds. You only need the correct recipe! These Sweet potato brownies They give you the same sweet texture, but they are full of goodness! Who knew that the potato could taste so good?

What is your favorite candy that you have made healthy?

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