12 homeopathic medicines to treat acne.

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Tired of treating frequent acne or pimple sprouts? You could try homeopathic medicines for clearer skin.

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Acne It is more common in teenagers because the growth hormones become very active and the oil glands in the skin produce more. When these glands at the base of the hair follicles become infected or inflamed sebaceous glands, grains are produced. The worst nightmare of a teenager! But acne can occur at any age. Perimenopausal women often complain of recurrent acne. Acne can get worse before periods in some girls. Very hot and humid weather is another factor that causes acne. Too much sweating can also aggravate this skin condition. Even greasy makeup can give you acne. Are here 6 treatment options to get rid of acne forever.

Acne is not a life-threatening condition, but you know what negative psychosocial effects it can have on you! The pores become clogged and bacteria start to grow there. The body's defense system works to kill these bacteria, which results in white spots, black dots and pustules (red pimples filled with pus). Test all creams and lotions and ointments; and you manage to suppress acne for a while only to reappear later. But the point is that suppressing this skin condition only worsens the texture of the skin and can cause other skin diseases. You may want to try 6 home remedies for acne scars that really work.

How homeopathy works for acne

Since acne can be caused by several factors: excess oil secretion, changes in hormone levels, genetic predisposition, pollution and diet, homeopathy It can be an effective way to treat acne. These are the 9 shocking causes of acne you should know about This is because the treatment in homeopathy is individualistic and holistic. The individual examination, the analysis of cases, your medical history, your physical, mental and emotional constitution, your age, your sex, your ethnic origin and your susceptibility to the disease are very important considerations to determine the exact homeopathic remedy for you.

Based on these criteria, your homeopath will prescribe the most appropriate remedy. The dose and potency of the remedy will also differ from person to person. The desired potency is achieved by diluting the therapeutically active substance in 10 or 100 parts of water and alcohol. This solution is shaken vigorously 30 times or more. This process is called succussion. The process of dilution and subsequent succussion is repeated several times so that the remedy adapts to its constitution. This is what Dr. Batra says about the treatment of acne with homeopathy.

Common remedies for acne.

Below are some of the common remedies and their indications for acne. Keep in mind that none of these remedies should be taken without professional advice.

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1. sulfur

A very common remedy, especially for chronic acne Rough and hard skin Acne associated with comedones and constipation Acne that is aggravated by water Pale, unhealthy color of the skin Redness of the face with black pores Pruritus intense at night and by heat

2. Sanguinaria

A useful remedy for acne, especially in women with periods of scarcity and irregular circulation of blood For women with sexual problems Burning sensations, such as hot water; redness and burning in the cheeks Headache from the sun, especially on the right side Nasal polyps, coryza (inflammation of the mucous membrane) followed by diarrhea

3. Kali bromatum

General failure of mental power, melancholy, loss of memory, restlessness, fear of being poisoned, night terrors, suicide, numbness in the head, vomiting with intense thirst after each meal. Diabetic Exaggerated sexual desire in women; Sexual arousal during partial sleep in men.

4. Antimoniumcrudum

Red pimples on the face. Excessive irritability and irritability. White tongue with a thick layer. Condition aggravated by heat and cold bath. Loss of appetite; Desire for acidic foods and pickles. Arthritic pain in the fingers. Continuous drowsiness in older people.

5. Arctiumlappa: Used for a long time in traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of acne, its effectiveness has been demonstrated in the homeopathic treatment of acne, especially the inflammatory type.

Pimples on the head, face and neck Stye and ulceration on the edge of the eyelids Frequent urination Pain in all joints For women with uterine displacement

6. Natrummuriaticum

Good remedy for acne, the remedy acts on the sebaceous glands Dry mucous membranes Great weakness and tiredness In people with hyperthyroidism, goiter, diabetes, Addison's disease Irritable, clumsy, hurried, wants to stay alone, cries a lot Depression, especially due to a Chronic illness Shortness of breath, flow of tears with cough Oily fatty skin Jerking with sleep

7. Asteriasrubens

Indicated for flaccid, lymphatic constitution; also indicated in people with breast cancer Disposition to pimples in adolescence Red face; pimples on the side of the nose, chin, and mouth Swollen, hard, knotted axillary glands Symptoms get worse with coffee, at night, or with cold, damp weather

8. Belladonna

Indicated in acne rosacea. Alternative reddening and pallor of the skin. Dry, hot and swollen skin. Restlessness; Speak quickly the acuity of all the senses.

9. Nux vomica

Typical remedy for a person who is quite thin, quick, active, nervous and irritable. It cools easily; sensitive to all impressions Do not want to be touched yellowish by the nose, mouth or eyes

10. graffiti

Sensation of spider web on the face. Wet and itchy granites Dry and rough skin (face). Symptoms that get worse with heat, before and after periods. Relief of symptoms in a dark room.

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11. Calcareaphosphoricum

Indicated in anemic girls in puberty Headache and flatulent dyspepsia, relieved by eating Red skin, stinging like nettles after bath

12. Bovista

Indicated for acne by the use of cosmetics, especially in summers Itching on the skin, especially in warm conditions Puffy swelling on the cheeks Restless, sad, easily offended

Who can or who should not take the treatment?

Anyone can take homeopathy Treatment because it deals with the problem of the root. For example, if you are a diabetic patient and have acne, you will be treated mainly by imbalances in the body that cause diabetes. In the process, your acne is also treated and cured.

Side effects of homeopathy for acne.

Since homeopathic treatment stimulates the body's healing system, it is effective, harmless and without side effects. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), highly diluted homeopathic remedies, taken under the supervision of trained professionals, are generally safe and are unlikely to cause serious adverse reactions. However, the organization maintains that these products, like any medicine or dietary supplement, could pose risks if they are manufactured incorrectly (for example, if they are contaminated with microorganisms or are diluted incorrectly).

There will be some or the other side effects if your homeopath prescribes an incorrect remedy or if the prescribed dose is more than what your constitution requires. Therefore, it is very important that you answer your research questions accurately and in detail.

Sometimes, you may experience aggravation of your symptoms before you see any improvement. This is a fairly common process, but it is helpful to check with your homeopath so they can change the medication if necessary.

How soon can you expect results?

In general, homeopathy takes longer to heal when compared to conventional medicine. Ask your doctor, who is in a better position to say when you can see improvements. You have every right to a smooth and shiny skin. Do not neglect your acne. And if you have acne scars, read about these. Laser treatments recommended by experts to get rid of acne scars.


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