11 ways you can use walking to lose weight

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walking These days, many people use vehicles even to travel short distances. While you may feel comfortable, it is one of the reasons why obesity and diseases related to sedentary lifestyles are increasing.

Walking is excellent and necessary for everyone, especially for people who want to lose weight. However, you need to modify your walking regime to lose weight effectively. Here are some tips to help you do that.

1. Increase the distance you walk every day by 0.5 km.

Nobody achieved anything because of stagnation, and you will not be doing your weight loss regimen a favor by walking the same distance every day. Increase the distance you travel 0.5 km every day, and this will give you many benefits such as improved endurance, more energy and stronger muscles in the legs! According to An investigation, you should try to reach a level where you can walk 10,000 steps a day to lose weight.

2. Make sure your heart is pumping

If you want to walk to lose weight, it is important that you walk at a pace where your breathing becomes more difficult than normal and you can feel the pumping of your heart.

3. Keep the movements of your limbs correct.

Many people walk in the wrong way and with bad posture. Moving the arms in the right way and keeping the chin parallel to the ground is extremely important. Also, try to keep your elbows close to your body.

4. listen to music

Walking by the simple fact of walking is a thought that does not excite many people. That's why you should do it along with listening to a new album or revisit some old songs that are close to your heart. Read more about How music can help improve your training regime.

5. Walk with a friend / brother

Walking with a friend or a sibling is a good idea, as it will help break the monotony of the routine and give you a sense of competence, which is a great motivator. However, make sure you do not slow down while gossiping and never use the excuse that your partner is not available to skip your walking routine.

6. Wear the right shoe

There are several lightweight shoes available on the market today that do not exert too much pressure on the knees and feet while walking. Just make sure you feel comfortable with the shoe and do not have blisters if you walk long distances. Also, if you just want to walk and not run, you should use a shoe with a flat heel.

7. Keep changing your routine.

Even with music and friends, walking can be boring. You can vary your routine by walking slowly but for a long distance 3 days a week, and walking fast but at a shorter distance in the remaining days. Also, changing the place you travel to may also be a good idea: one day walking on a beach, another day in a park and the third day on a hill. Discover What is better: walking outside or on the treadmill.

8. Eat a fruit or a salad after walking

It is obvious that you feel very hungry after walking for a long time, but if you want to lose weight, you should make sure you do not eat too much. Try and eat a fruit or a salad that will give you energy but not add too many calories.

9. Try jogging between your walk

While walking helps burn calories, it will be a good idea to intersperse your routine with small trots. Walk at a brisk pace for 15 minutes, then increase your pace and jog for 5 minutes. Make sure you keep walking after the trot or, otherwise, your legs will feel tired and it will be difficult to run again. When it comes to burning calories, running burns more calories, but since you can walk for longer, it may actually be better to lose weight. For example, walking 3 km in 30 minutes will burn approximately the same amount of calories as riding a 5 km bike in 15 minutes and running 1.5 km in 8 minutes.

10. Avoid muscle cramps by drinking fluids and stretching

Many people who are not used to walking experience sudden muscle cramps when they suddenly start walking long distances. To counteract this, you should make sure to stay hydrated since the cramps are often caused by a lack of salt and minerals. Warming up a bit by doing exercises like jumping before walking can also help prevent cramping.

11. Keep a notebook to track your progress

Several mobile applications like Runtastic You can track the distance traveled and the download of one can be extremely useful. In addition, you can also keep a notebook where you write down the date, the route, the distance and the speed at which you walk. You will see how your strength and endurance increase with time with a continuous effort, and that will motivate you to keep walking.

In addition to walking, you can also choose to run, ride a bike or swim to lose weight.

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