11 promising benefits of the golden seal

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This little one grass It may not seem powerful, but there are many health benefits to Goldenseal, including the treatment of sinus disorders, intestinal irregularity, nausea, sexually transmitted infections, inflammation, allergiesY fevers.

What is the golden seal?

This perennial herb can commonly be called orangeroot or yellow puccoon in certain areas, but it is scientifically known as Hydrastis canadensis And it belongs to the buttercup family. It is found in Canada and parts of the eastern United States, but has also spread to some parts of Europe. Commonly identified by its knot, yellow root and purple stem, this plant has been an important part of traditional medicine in its native regions for thousands of years. The taste and smell of the grass are considered very unpleasant or even acrid, but many consider it a "super herb", and the rhizome powder is acceptable. Native Americans used the golden seal root for different For cultural and medicinal purposes, and also uses its leaves and flowers. [1] Modern research has supported the use of this herb for many diseases, given its rich chemical composition, including many alkaloids, that directly affect the body and its functions. <Img title = "goldenseal" class = "alignleft wp-image-51381 full size to keep idle "src =" https://www.organicfacts.net/wp-content/uploads/goldenseal.jpg "alt =" goldenseal” height=”900″ width=”1200″>

As a multi-purpose remedy, you can get it in many different ways, including balsams, tablets, tinctures and bulk powders, as well as gold seal root supplements. [2] It is important that you follow all the relevant instructions from your herbalist or natural medicine provider. For most treatments, only small amounts of gold rhizome in concentrated or concentrated powder are needed, and excessive use can adversely affect the nervous system, even as a result of seizures or convulsions.

Goldenseal's health benefits

The health benefits of the golden seal include:

Treats intestinal irregularity

The most common remedies that use the goldenseal are for bowel problems and gastrointestinal tract. If you suffer from ulcers or irregular bowel movements, anti-inflammatory The ability of the golden seal can help you re-route your system. Ulcers, constipationThe swelling and cramps are not only annoying, but can also hint or cause serious illness. Your rootstock can help keep your Gut healthy and strong. [3]

Reduces sinus conditions

The gold seal powder rootstock was often used as a form of tobacco, and acted to reduce Inflammation and infection in the sinus cavities. [4] The strong antimicrobial The properties of the Goldenseal rootstock helped people to quickly alleviate sinus conditions and prevent continuous diseases with the use of this remedy. Now, the golden rhizome tobacco form is not commonly used, but the powder form can still be purchased in capsule form.

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Anti-inflammatory properties

If you suffer from current An inflammation or pain in the joints, then a cream or ointment with gold seal root powder can be a quick and effective solution. [5] A small amount of this powder is all you need and you can apply it topically in the skin. Capsules and supplements can also help with internal inflammation, including reduction blood pressure and calming the guts.

Skin care

The antimicrobial and antioxidant The properties of the golden seal make it very effective for people who suffer from skin. terms, as psoriasis, eczema, acne or Dry Skin. [6] Skin infections come in many shapes and sizes, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi, but topical ointments and goldenseal tinctures can quickly eliminate that inflammation and neutralize the infection.

Antiviral activity

If you suffer from a weak immune system, adding goldenseal to your daily or weekly health regimen can increase your immunity and maintain your respiratory Y intestinal clean system [7] Prostate and vaginal infections can be particularly difficult and painful to treat, but have long been used to treat sexually transmitted infections, such as gonorrhea.

Eliminates parasitic problems

Parasitic worms are a major threat in places that do not have access to clean water; the anthelmintic properties of the golden seal can help starve the intestinal worms and make them die, where they will then pass the system through the normal routes (also acts as a laxative, which further facilitates this elimination). [8]

Increase appetite

Increasing your appetite often means an increase in your metabolism, since your body is burning calories faster. [9] In addition, after an illness, injury or trauma, the appetite can suffer often, causing more physical and psychological repercussions. Goldenseal has been linked to increased appetite for generations.

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Prevents allergy

Those who suffer intense allergic reactions or are easily sent to a sneeze attack, as soon as spring arrives, can benefit of The anti-allergenic properties of the golden seal. [10] The powder can reduce inflammation of the mucous membranes and prevent severe allergic reactions by soothing the nervous system.

Reduces fever

While fever indicates that the body is fighting an infection, ongoing fevers can exhaust the body, causing dehydration, and even damage the brain in extreme cases. Goldenseal can effectively lower Fevers and reduce the tension in the body during prolonged illnesses. [11]

Detoxifies the body

The goldenseal not only acts as a laxative in many cases, but it is also a liver agent. substance, which means it helps cleanse the blood and detoxify the body. [12] The liver and kidneys do a great job for us and anything to make your job a little easier is a good idea. The liver nature of the goldenseal can help with circulation and reduce your risk of chronic diseases transmitted by the blood.

Word of caution: Gold seal powder in its pure form is very strong and only very small amounts are needed for effective remedies. Excessive use can cause nervous system problems, seizures, seizures and mental disorders. Always follow the instructions for use of your doctor or herbalist and consult a medical professional before adding any new and powerful herbal remedy to your health regime.

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