11 myths that may be damaging the health of your hair

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11 myths that are damaging the health of your hair

Do you crave delicious and healthy locks? You'll probably try, like most of us, to keep up with the latest on how to keep your hair looking its best. However, what to do and what you should not do with your hair can sometimes be confusing as there is a lot of information circulating on the Internet.

If you are like me, you have found yourself falling into the trap of believing things about your hair before delving into the truth. I took some time to investigate some of the most important myths about hair and this is what I discovered.

1. If you want your hair to grow, you should get a haircut every six weeks

Since I was young, I have the impression that I need to cut my hair frequently if I want my hair to grow. I think it was a great aunt of mine who told me not to let my hair grow for more than six weeks if I ever wanted it to be healthy. That guy stayed with me and I've been in that mode ever since, a haircut every six weeks or so.

Now I discover that frequent cuts will not actually help your hair grow faster. This is because your hair grows from the roots, not from the ends. Cutting the dry part of your hair (the tips) will keep your hair in good condition and will help you maintain its shape, it will not result in accelerated growth. Professional stylists even notice that you can go from 4 to 6 months without a haircut and it will not interfere with growth. If your hair is damaged or dyed, you should ask your stylist for professional advice on how often you might need a cut to keep your hair healthy.

2. If you remove gray hair: two or more will replace it

This is something that I have believed in since I realized my first white hair Although the first thing I thought was to pull the lonely silver streak, I remembered that it would grow more in its place, something I surely did not want. However, this is another hair myth. Then, if you hurry and start to get your grays out, you will not necessarily get more grays in return, but it will put tremendous strain on your hair follicles and on your scalp. Keep in mind that removing any hair will cause the hair to have a different texture and may also grow in a strange way.

3. If your hair is oily, you need shampoo daily

Although I have never had a problem with oily hair, I know people who struggle with this. I have always been told that washing the shampoo daily is the only way to keep the oil low. This, unfortunately, is another lie. Although shampoo cleans dirt and hair oil, too good can be bad. If we remove too many oils, the scalp will produce more double time, which leads to a more greasy hair at the end. An excellent way to regulate the oil product is to fight the oil with oil. Use products that contains jojoba oil That really helps the body regulate oil production as it is designed to do.

4. Keep your hair healthy by brushing 100 brushstrokes a day

You must have seen movies where the ladies let go of their hair and the brush, the brush and the brush. Many people think that incessant brushing, like a hundred blows, will help the hair to become smoother and brighter. While increased circulation in the scalp can help highlight brightness, this can be achieved in approximately 15 to 20 strokes. If you brush more, the hair can break and fall off.

5. Do not use the same shampoo all the time

This is a fairly common statement. I've heard it over and over again, do not use the same shampoo for more than a few weeks or a month or so. Although I never really understood why it seemed to be in line with this absurd claim. According to hair professionals, changing shampoos will frequently interrupt the pH of your hair, which will lead to dry and brittle hair. If you find a product that works for you, better stick to it. Make sure you are using a natural shampoo What will add nutrients to your hair will not drown them in chemicals.

6. If you want lighter hair, sit in the sun

While you can apply a sunscreen to your body to protect your skin, how often do you think about protecting your hair and scalp from harmful UV rays? You can think that the sun is an excellent way to discolor your hair. It is true that your hair will lighten with the sun, but not without causing some damage. Wear a hat when you can if you are going to sunbathe or apply an SPF lip balm on your scalp to protect yourself or buy Specific protection for hair.

7. If you have scales on your hair, you should have dandruff

Oh no, you see some scales on your hair And immediately you think you have dandruff. You could panic and run away and get shampoo for dandruff. The problem with this is that it is possible that you do not have dandruff and even if you had it, the dandruff shampoo is not useful, but harmful. Fred Connors, owner of FRED Salon in New York City, says that the flakes in his hair may indicate the need for more hydration and exfoliation. This can happen when the temperature changes. Connors recommends massaging your usual conditioner mixed with a tablespoon of brown sugar and rinsing.

8. You can repair split ends

There is no product on the market that can repair split ends, no matter what advertisers say. Once your extremes are divided, the damage is permanent. Because of this, it is important to keep your hair healthy and strong. What really causes split ends is chemical damage, heat styling, excessive washing and excessive brushing. Limit doing these things and treat your hair to a week nourishing hair mask so that it looks as good as possible.

9. Going to bed with wet hair prevents damage

I have often gone to bed with clean, moist hair thinking that the air would dry it in a more gentle and gentle way than with the hair dryer. Boy, I was wrong and there are even investigations to prove it. A study He discovered that blowing hair with the dryer in the right way causes less damage than drying in the air. Here is why this is so. When the hair gets wet, it swells. The longer it stays moist, the greater the pressure exerted on the fragile proteins that make up the hair and the more opportunities there will be for damage to occur.

Towel drying can also be very damaging to the hair, sometimes worse. If you dry your hair violently, it is very hard for the delicate strands of hair. To thoroughly dry your hair with a towel, squeeze it gently with a soft, dry towel, do not rub.

The healthiest way to dry your hair is to use a hair dryer in the coolest setting. Keep the dryer away from your head and move it so that it does not cause any damage.

10. You should always make sure to rinse all the conditioner

Do you ever remember that your mother told you to make sure you rinse all the conditioner until your hair screams? It turns out that doing this actually removes the nutrients from the conditioner that you put on your hair. The conditioner provides both slippage and hair protection, according to Doug Martucci, PORITUALS Creative Director. If you are worried about having greasy hair if you use conditioner, simply apply the product at the ends where it is most needed.

11. Silicones will damage your hair

Contrary to what you think, silicones are really good for your hair. Many people avoid them because they think they will crush the hair, however, silicones actually increase moisture retention and brightness. Silicones seal the hair cuticle that protects against color loss, keeps frizz under control and helps reduce heat damage. The only advice that professional stylists give is to use only a product that contains silicones and use the correct amount for the length and texture of your hair.

Reference: https://www.naturallivingideas.com/hair-myths/, by Susan Patterson

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