11 incredible benefits of amaranth grain

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The most important health benefits of amaranth grain include its ability to stimulate growth and development, protect the heart, strengthens the immune system, strengthens bones, increases circulationoptimize digestion, lower your appetite, and make the hair look young.

What is the amaranth grain?

Despite being one of the oldest forms of cultivation. foodAmaranth grain remains extremely important for human health, as it was for the Aztecs and other indigenous cultures until 8,000 years ago. The most common is to find amaranth beans sold in health food stores, as it is not yet a very cultivated grain, but demand For this grain full of nutrients is growing. [1] The most commonly cultivated species are Amaranthus caudatus Y Amaranthus cruentus and they are used in North America, Mexico, Central America, and certain parts of India. [1] The largest amaranth grain grower is the United States, but it is also widely used and cultivated in parts of Mexico. Amaranth leaves are also valuable, although much less popular than the beans themselves.

Amaranth should not be eaten raw, as it contains certain toxic or undesirable components, such as oxalates and nitrates, which can be removed by boiling and proper preparation. However, there are also valuable antioxidant and phenolic compounds, as well as fiber, vitaminsY minerals That can have significant effects on human health. If it has been in use for thousands of years, there must be a good reason for it.

The beans can be made in amaranth flour as a substitute for traditional flour sources and provides a much richer variety of nutrients, proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals than other grains. [2] Although the distribution of amaranth grain is relatively limited, since it only returned to cultivation in the 1970s, the growing global demand for complete sources of protein and nutrient-dense staple foods that are resistant and easy to grow has made the grain amaranth one of the most important sources of food in recent decades.

Health benefits of amaranth grain

Let's take a deeper look at the health benefits of amaranth grain.

Optimizes the metabolism

One of the most desirable elements of amaranth grain is the fact that it presents lysine in much larger amounts than other grains (some grains do not have any). Lysine is an essential amino protein for the human body, what does Amaranth is a "complete protein". [3] This is very desirable for human health, since it provides all the essential amino acids to create usable proteins inside the body, thus optimizing metabolism and ensure adequate growth and development. This is why amaranth grain represents a vital component of the diet for indigenous cultures and for those with limited access to diverse food sources.

Prevents heart attacks

the phytosterols found in the amaranth grain have been connected to the reduction cholesterol levels, while significant levels of dietary fiber also help to balance the cholesterol levels in your cardiovascular system, therefore lowering your chances to develop atherosclerosis and later heart attack or stroke. [4] The rich potassium levels found in the amaranth grain improves the health of the heart by relaxing the blood vessels. [5] Potassium is a vasodilator, which means that it reduces the tension and the tension in the arteries and the blood vessels when diminishing blood pressure and reducing the chances of coronary heart disease. <img title = "amaranthgrain" class = "alignleft size-full wp-image-30786 lazy keep-away" src = "https://www.organicfacts.net/wp-content /uploads/amaranthgrain.jpg "alt =" amaranthgrain” height=”900″ width=”1200″>

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Improves digestion

As mentioned above, the amaranth grain contains a high level of dietary fiber, which can help optimize the digestive system and eliminate constipation, swelling, cramping, and severe conditions such as colon cancer and gastric ulcers. [6] Dietary fiber also help increase nutrient absorption efficiency and with high concentration Of nutrients in the grain, this is a very important effect of dietary fiber. [6]

Rich in proteins

Amaranth grain is not only a complete protein, it also has much higher levels than other grains, including oats, which is commonly considered the best place to find them. herbal protein. [7] Vegetable proteins are easier to digest and use for our body than animal proteins, so changing your overall balance of proteins to those derived from sources such as amaranth grain makes your body work more smoothly and efficiently at all the aspects.

Hair care

The unique chemical composition of the amaranth grain also has some unexpected benefits, including being a wonderful way To flatten the wavy hair and increase the brightness and quality. [8] Lysine is a critical Amino acid that our body can not produce, so we must obtain it from our diet. [3] Amaranth has higher levels of lysine than other grains, which makes it very important for hair health. Lysine has been linked to stronger and healthier hair, better roots and a reduction in Hair loss. You can reduce aging and hair loss by adding amaranth grains to your diet, although the exact path from which this benefit comes is unclear.

Prevents osteoporosis

With more than double calcium content of Milk, which is the traditional access point for high concentrations of calcium, amaranth grain can be an important factor in bone health and bone mineral density. [9] Since calcium is an essential part of our bones, it can prevent or delay the appearance of osteoporosis adding this grain rich in calcium in your regular diet.

Celiac support

Like some other grains and grasses, the amaranth grain does not contain gluten, which is good news For those who suffer since Celiac disease. [10] [10] This prevalence of this disease has increased dramatically in recent years, partly explained by better detection and testing techniques, but also due to a general change in the dietary tolerances of our species due to a wide range of environmental and dietary factors. In the coming years, the number of people suffering from celiac disease (gluten intolerance) is expected to increase, which makes gluten-free grains such as amaranth more and more important.

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Increase immunity

The amaranth is a unique grain, in the sense that it has vitamin C, and this gives the immune system an advantage over its dietary competitors. With high levels of Vitamin C, the grain of amaranth can stimulate your immune system, since vitamin C stimulates the production of white blood cells and can contribute to make it faster. healing and cell repair, due to its functional role in the production of collagen. [11]<img title = "amaranthgraininfo" class = "alignleft size-full wp-image-50130 lazy keep-away" src = "https://www.organicfacts.net/wp-content/uploads/amaranthgraininfo.jpg" alt = " amaranthgraininfo” height=”900″ width=”1200″>


Can of amaranth grain effectively reduce the levels of insulin in the body and simultaneously release a hormone that tells our body that we are complete. [12] This is the opposite of the "hunger" hormone, which often causes people to eat between meals, leading to weight gain. [13] For those interested in losing weight in addition to obtaining innumerable health effects, switching to amaranth grain could be your best choice!

Controls of diabetes

As mentioned above, the amaranth grain has the ability to lower Levels of insulin and blood control. sugar Intake through appetite / suppression control. [14] This is an ideal situation for those at risk of diabetes As high insulin levels and obesity are two of the causes or "warning signs" for diabetes. Given the global pandemic nature of diabetes today, anything that is capable of lowering insulin levels is considered important.

Promotes muscle growth

Acquiring proteins in our diet is one of the most Reliable ways to keep our bodies toned, developed and functioning properly. [15] The unusually high levels of vegetable proteins in amaranth make it an ideal complement to your diet if you want to ensure healthy growth of cells, muscles, tissues and skin.

Prevents cataracts

the Vitamin A he found in amaranth it has an important effect on the health of our ocular system. [16] Beta-carotene is an antioxidant that prevents the development of cataracts and can delay the onset of macular degeneration.

Word of caution: The amaranth grain has no toxicity or hazards known as a dietary supplement, but because of its ability to lower insulin levels for those who are hypoglycemic, this could be potentially dangerous, so care should be taken in such cases.

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