11 impressive benefits of Capsicum

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The health benefits of pepper include relief of stomach problems, Back pain, muscle spasms, Headaches, Cancer, skin aging, peptic ulcers, menopause problems, lower risk of cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. It has anti-aginginflammatory and the analgesic properties, and can also provide pain relief related to arthritis. Capsicum also helps with fibromyalgia Y psoriasis.

What is Capsicum?

An ancestral spiceThe pepper is a diverse and spicy edible. fruit of any of the varieties within the Pepper genre.1 With the well-known popular use of capsicum, multiculturally and for generations around the world, an interest in knowing medicine is developing. Benefits of this natural plant food and culinary spice. [1] two

Many people are familiar with the use of chili peppers in the preparation of spicy foods. What makes spicy chili? The answer is capsaicin, an odorless and tasteless phytochemical that produces the heat of chili.

With the varieties of chili peppers available, it is important to know that the capsaicin content of each type of chili varies and that it is possible to obtain less heat and still receive the health benefits of capsaicin, an active ingredient in chili peppers. 3 Capsaicin is found in the fleshy membrane of sweet and hot peppers and in larger concentration at seeds.4, 5 This natural fruit can be used fresh or dried as a culinary spice, added to teas Or taken in capsules to harvest their medicinal benefits.

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Nutrition data of Capsicum

Using whole chiles from the Pepper gender provides nutritional value, including high amounts of vitamin C Y Vitamin A.

These vitamins they are best obtained from fresh fruit.4 The Capsicum chili harvested when the red instead of the orange or yellow has a higher concentrations of these beneficial nutrients.4 Other beneficial bioactive components of chile capsicum is the flavonoid content.4 Alkaloids and tannins are some of the other important bioactive compounds contained in it.4 Alkaloids function as anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antioxidant agents.4

Health benefits of Capsicum

Adding pepper to your daily diet can provide great health benefits against many diseases. Let's see the benefits in detail.

Anti-inflammatory agent

It has been shown that the phytochemical components of pepper produce an anti-inflammatory response that relieves peripheral neurogenic pain related to Crohn's disease, an inflammatory disease of the intestines.5 Another example of peripheral neurogenic inflammation is a cutaneous skin pain.5 Creams of pepper and balsams are often massaged topically on the skin with care to avoid open areas and mucous membranes. The burning effect of the pepper is felt when applied to the skin, which is caused by an inflammatory response of the peripheral nerve endings. But regular application deadens sensory nerve endings and relieves chronic diseases. diabetic neurogenic pain.5 Some suggest that the pepper's anti-inflammatory effect may also help relieve pain related to arthritis.4 Its cream can be used as an option to treat this disease and many others.

Forms of mucilage

Capsicum contains tannins. The tannins are astringent and are often considered for their benefits when dealing with gastrointestinal disorders like Diarrhea, dysentery and other microbial disorders.4 Gastric mucilage protects the gastric lining and prevents the development of peptic ulcers.6 Studies suggest that it acts as a mucilage by increasing the production of gastric mucus and helping treat peptic ulcer disease. Intake of capsicum can increase nasal drainage due to the presence of phytochemical capsaicin.

In addition, for this reason, it is beneficial to avoid touching the eyes or body mucous membranes during the preparation of the peppers. Also, wash your hands well after preparation to avoid transferring volatile oils containing peppers to these sensitive areas.

Prevents cancer

Another bioactive effect of the tannin contained in pepper is found in the prevention and treatment of cancer.4 Studies have shown that it has an inhibitory effect on many types of malignant cancers6. These antitumor properties are more beneficial in the treatment of lung, liver and gastric cancers.6 The antioxidant effects of capsicum show a possibility of treatment for other types of cancer, such as those related to hormones. prostate cancer.6

The anti-carcinogenic effect of pepper is determined by the bioactive ability of phytochemical capsaicin to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Capsaicin also causes the destruction of the cellular structure already damaged in the human body6.

Improve the health of the heart

Studies on flavonoids have suggested that they are beneficial for preventing coronary artery disease heart Disease.4 Pepper is both heating and vasodilator.4 A suggested effect of the vasodilatory properties of pepper is the improvement of hypotension and diminished heart rate.4 Vasodilation allows for better blood flow resulting in better oxygenation of organ tissues. This is more likely due to tachykinins, a known bioactive ingredient in capsicum.

Antioxidant agent

Many of the bioactive compounds of the pepper provide antioxidant effects.4 Improved vasodilation allows these antioxidants phytochemicals to circulate throughout the body.4 This allows it to protect and repair tissues and DNA damage.4


With the global prevalence of diabetes, the consideration of capsicum as hypoglycemic Medicine has provoked research into this issue.2 Some studies have indicated, although they have not yet concluded that it can stimulate insulin production, resulting in lower blood glucose.2 This would determine the possibility that the pepper is beneficial to prevent the onset of type II diabetes and its possible complications.2 The hypoglycemic benefits of pepper are more concentrated when green.2

Increase immunity

Capsicum contains vitamin C, which is valued as a bioactive immune supportive phytochemical.4 It helps strengthen the immune system, repair damaged brain tissues and reduce the risk of oxidation. stresspediatric asthma, and cancer. It also improves bone health.

Treats fibromyalgia

Many clinical trials show the effectiveness of pepper for the treatment of fibromyalgia symptoms when they are applied topically7. sleep.7

Treats diabetic neuropathy

A disease that often causes neurogenic pain is diabetes.5 It has been shown that Capsicum has a beneficial effect on diabetic neuropathic pain when it is applied topically5. It acts to attenuate cutaneous nerve endings and reduces pain.5

Skin care

The vitamins in chile capsicum have an antioxidant effect on cellular tissues, which can improve the health of the skin and prevent aging.

Relieves the symptoms of menopause

The symptoms of menopause can also be alleviated by the consumption of fruits that contain flavonoids, such as chile capsicum.4


The pepper comes in a dry form, like a spice like chili and paprika.4 The dried spice is used in many sauces, or is added to drinks like the tea.4 The dried pepper can be found in whole dried peppers, as a single spice or in dry spice mixtures.

As a more concentrated medication, the pepper can be placed in a capsule for oral ingestion as a nutraceutical or it can be applied topically to the skin as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory cream.

With the available availability of pepper chili in many markets, it should be considered that although the dried spice is convenient and effective in its health benefits, eating chili pepper offers more benefits.


As studies show, pepper is beneficial as a daily health supplement. Capsicum is enjoyed by many as a daily food additive in the kitchen. The culinary preparation of pepper peppers can provide sufficient protection when eaten daily to have beneficial effects in certain chronic and potentially degenerative health conditions. The bioactive components of capsicum work together to improve blood flow, act as cancer preventatives and as analgesics, protect the gastric mucosa and provide nutrients for a healthy lifestyle.4

However, all peppers contain both vitamins and other beneficial bioactive components. However, the color of the pepper determines the stage of growth when it is harvested. It also determines the concentration of vitamins and other beneficial phytochemicals.2 In general, it can be said that if it is consumed dry or fresh, chili pepper is a medicine and it is beneficial to use it in a daily diet as a natural preventative and a treatment for many. chronic conditions.

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