11 famous people with agoraphobia (Paula Deen and Kim Basinger)

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11 famous people with agoraphobia (Paula Deen and Kim Basinger)

Agoraphobia is a form of anxiety disorder that causes subalterns to avoid situations and places that might make them feel:

scared; caught; embarrassed; prey of impotent panic.

The term "agoraphobia" was coined for the first time by the German neurologist Carl Westphal in 1871. The word comes from the ancient Greek "agora", which refers to a market or a meeting place.

It is estimated that 1.8 million people in the United States over the age of 18 have agoraphobia without a history of panic disorder.

In general, women are more likely to suffer from any type of anxiety disorder, and 100 percent more women than men have agoraphobia.

The incidence of agoraphobia seems to be similar in all ethnic groups and races in the United States. Tends to begin in adolescence or early adulthood.

The symptoms

The common symptoms of agoraphobia include fear of:

use public transportation, such as – an airplane, bus or train; Open spaces, such as: bridges, parking lots or shopping centers; Closed spaces, such as: elevators, movie theaters or small shops; waiting in line; crowds leaving alone at home.


In many cases, the condition occurs after a person has experienced a panic attack. About 33 percent of people with panic disorder develop agoraphobia, according to the National Institutes of Health.

However, agoraphobia develops occasionally without a history of panic disorder.

Here is one List Out of 11 Famous people With agoraphobia:

# 1 Shirley Jackson

She was a American writer which is best known mainly for his works of mystery and horror. Throughout her career, Shirley composed about 200 stories, 6 novels and 2 memoirs.

Shirley Jackson suffered such a severe agoraphobia in the latter part of her life that she occasionally could not leave her home.

# 2 H.L. Gold

It was an American science fiction. editor and writer who was best known for bringing a new and innovative approach to science fiction while he was the editor of Galaxy Science Fiction. In addition, he wrote briefly for DC Comics.

Born in Canada, H.L. Gold moved to the United States at the age of two. H.L. Gold suffered increasingly agoraphobia and, in 1961, he retired from Galaxy Science Fiction due to his health problems.

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# 3 Emily Dickinson

Image credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Black-white_photograph_of_Emily_Dickinson_(Restored).jpg

She was a loner American poet that was very unknown in his own time. However, posthumously, Emily is known for her innovative use of syntax and form.

In 1955, a complete collection of his poetry was available for the first time when the erudite Thomas H. Johnson published "The poems of Emily Dickinson".

Emily Dickinson dealt with agoraphobia and limited herself to the property of her family, where she cooked, wrote and cared for the garden.

# 4 Woody Allen

Image credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Woody_Allen_(2006).jpeg

It is one of the largest in America. prominent filmmakers. For his incredible contribution to the cinema, Allen has been nominated for the Academy Awards 23 times in numerous categories.

Woody Allen is afraid of almost everything. For example, it has chromophobia (fear of colors), insectophobia, agoraphobia and acrophobia.

# 5 Bobby Fischer

Image credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Bobby_Fischer_1960_in_Leipzig_in_color.jpg

He was the 11th World Chess Champion and a great American chess master. He was the first American player to win the World Chess Championship.

At the age of 14, he was an unprecedented chess master who became the youngest player to win the US Chess Championship. UU Actually, many consider that Fischer is the best chess player of all time.

Bobby Fischer was extremely paranoid and agoraphobic.

# 6 Sally Field

Image credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sally_Field_(1990)_crop.jpg

She is an American actress and director who began his career appearing in the movie Gidget.

Field received nominations for the Golden Globe Award for his performances in:

Steel magnolias (1989); The romance of Murphy (1985); Norma Rae (1979), for which she received the Academy Award for Best Actress; Smokey and the bandit (1977); Places in the Heart (1984), for which she received the Academy Award for Best Actress; Kiss Me Goodbye (1982); Absence of malice (1981).

Sally Field suffers from agoraphobia, extreme shyness, eating disorders and anxiety attacks.

# 7 Marcel Proust

Image credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Marcel_Proust_1895.jpg

He was a French critic, novelist, and the essayist best known for his novel "A la recherche du temps perdu", which was published in 7 parts between 1913 and 1927.

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Marcel Proust also suffered from agoraphobia.

# 8 Paula Deen

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/notionscapital/20926969332

She hosts a US cooking program (she hosts "Paula's Party," "Paula's Home Cooking" and "Paula's Best Dishes") and a famous chef. Deen has also published 15 cookbooks.

Currently, Paula resides in Savannah, Georgia, where she owns Paula Deen's house in Creek House and The Lady & Sons restaurant with her children.

On one occasion, the fear of Paula Deen to leave the place was so serious that she could not leave her house.

# 9 Kim Basinger

Image credit: https://de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Datei:Kim_Basinger_(1990).jpg

She is an American model and actress who has been awarded the Golden Globe and Oscar awards for playing a mysterious Hollywood blonde in the 1997 drama L. A. Confidential.

In 2001, Kim also participated in a documentary called "Panic: A Film About Coping," in which Basinger describes his battle against this form of anxiety disorder. However, he has recently beaten agoraphobia with therapy.

# 10 Barbra Streisand

Image credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Barbra_Streisand_at_Health_Matters_Conference.jpg

She is an American composer, actress, singer and filmmaker who has won:

nine golden balloons; the Presidential Medal of Freedom; four Peabody awards; a Kennedy Center Honors Award; an award from the American Film Institute; a Special Tony Award; five Emmys including a Daytime Emmy; the Grammy Legend Award; the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award; Two awards from the academy.

Streisand is among a small group of celebrities who have been honored with a Grammy, an Oscar, an Emmy and a Tony Award. In addition, she is one of the 2 artists in that group who have also won a Peabody.

Barbra Streisand also has agoraphobia. It took him almost 3 decades to overcome his fear.

# 11 Chuck Palahniuk

Image credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Chuck_Palahniuk_(21962).jpg

He is an American freelance journalist and novelist who is best known for creating novels that include "Choke," "Fight Club" (which also became a popular movie of the same name) and "Lullaby."

Palahniuk describes his work as "transgressive" fiction. Chuck Palahniuk also suffered from agoraphobia.


11 famous people with agoraphobia (Paula Deen and Kim Basinger), source: https://www.yourhealthremedy.com/health-tips/famous-people-with-agoraphobia/

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