11 effective ways to prevent temper tantrums

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Children behave in many strange ways, but tantrums can be the worst; Fortunately, there are many natural ways to prevent tantrums in your children, including preventing fatigue, avoiding hunger, massage, yoga, aromatherapy, valerian, banana, chamomile, hiding temptations, and communicating with your child, among others.

What are tantrums?

Whether they are called melts, wheezing or tantrums, we all know how it can be when a child falls into a wild hysteria. You've probably seen it in grocery stores, shopping malls, parks or in your own home! These emotional outbursts are most commonly seen in Small childrenand young children who have not developed full emotional control. These tantrums may manifest itself crying, whining, stubbornness, screaming, inability to be pacified and, sometimes, violent physical actions. [1] In many cases, young children seem to be even outside their own control, and even logic can not remedy the situation. For example, if you give in to the demands of the child that caused the tantrum, that is no guarantee that the tantrum will stop. Some of the most common causes of tantrums are fatigue, hunger and the feeling of being ignored, but they can also be caused by a variety of other conditions, such as autism or social anxiety disorders.

Pacifying a small child or a child can be difficult at this time, but there are several ways to control or prevent tantrums before they begin. Tantrums can be Indicative of other emotional and psychosocial problems. in a child, and can be a predictor of certain anxiety problems in the future, so help children eliminate tantrums since their emotional outflow is important. [2] While tantrums of one kind or another may progress to later life, particularly for those suffering from diagnosed mental and social disorders, they mainly affect children. For parents or guardians with children prone to landslides, these are some of the most effective ways to prevent tantrums.

Effective ways to prevent tantrums


In the effort to treat or prevent tantrums, there are herbal remedies and behavior, but one of the more effective It's massage [3] If your child seems to have high levels of anxiety, which extend to outbursts and crises, then you can use simple massage therapy at home. As well as relieves. stress In adults, a basic massage can calm a child's nerves and prevent tension and frustration.

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As a parent, it is difficult to listen to everything your child says or demands, because breeding It is hard work! However, opening a communication line Between you and your child, especially if you are prone to emotional outbursts, you can encourage them to be more open with their emotions, and you may be able to identify the cause of the problem before your toddler makes a scene in the product aisle. [4]

Hiding temptations

Children have infinite curiosity and inherently hedonistic tendencies. When they see something they want, it can be difficult to reason with them or rationalize why a chocolate Bar at 9 in the morning is a bad idea. Therefore, to avoid these daily debates about treats and temptations, keep the really big sandwiches, candies and toys out of sight, so that temptation He does not even realize his child. [5]


Chamomile is one of the most pain relieving herbal teas around, and can have a profound effect on the mood of everyone, including children. [6] Although limited use is recommended, the soothing and anti-anxiety aspects of chamomile can be a wonderful way to prevent a tantrum, especially if your child seems prone to energy and highly emotional crises.


Similar to chamomile, valerian is a powerful grass It calms the nervous system and is a natural sedative. [7] The supplements are harmless, but you should talk to a doctor before giving it to your child to make sure he or she is giving you the correct amount. However, as home remedies Wow, Valerian can be one of the best and most reliable ways to prevent tantrums.


Generally, we associate yoga with adults, but yoga for children is an increasingly popular trend, especially in metropolitan areas where children often look as active and busy as adults. As for adults, yoga can be a way for children to learn seize and understand their emotions, instead of letting them explode in emotional outbursts. [8]


The bananas possess high levels of potassium, which has been directly related to a reduction of anger induced by stress. [9] Taking into account that tantrums are episodes induced by anxiety, increasing potassium The levels are a wise and delicious idea that will give your children other health benefits too!

Prevention of fatigue

When children get tired, they get in a bad mood. This universal knowledge is something that all parents understand, and when children get upset, they use tantrums to express their discontent, essentially saying, "Something is not right". Make sure your child receives an adequate amount of sleep Every night, and if you need naps during the day, make sure they rest quietly. Fatigue make Bad-tempered adults too, and it's even worse for children. [10]


The soothing power of aromatherapy It is as effective for children as it is for adults. Some naturally soothing aromas I like it lavenderhe got up and vanilla It can be a quick and stress-free way to calm your child and, in general, increase peace in your home. [11] Some passive aromatherapy approaches, such as burning. essential oils At home, it can help keep tantrums permanently under control.

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Avoiding hunger

Apart from fatigue, the other main cause of tantrums is hunger. When children are hungry, they want to eat NOW, and given that their social constructions of patience and the logistics are not yet fully developed, it can be difficult to talk about them outside the cornice, so to speak. Always have a healthy snack on hand when you go out with your child, but avoid sugary foods, because they will give a quick boost of energy, and then the sugar accident, which will almost certainly result in a tantrum. [12]

Pay attention

Many children make tantrums to get attention. Although young children are fascinated with autonomy, they still need love and Attention of their parents, and when they feel ignored or marginalized, they can attack emotionally with a tantrum. [13] Respect what your children have to say and do not dismiss their demands and feelings just because they are young and complaining. Children often know when they are being manipulated, so listen honestly to what they say and try to grant their wishes, within reason.

Offer control

One of the best ways to prevent a tantrum is to distract your child in some way, and this is a great approach. offering control. [14] Allow a small child to push a shopping cart, hold a bag of groceries, or choose which aisles or stores to enter. Giving a minimum of control fosters maturity and discourages childish and excessively emotional behavior, which could effectively prevent tantrums.

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