11 amazing benefits of meditation

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Benefits for the health of meditation include relief stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and sharp respiratory infection. It increases the IQ, tolerance to pain and help in weightloss. It is also beneficial to maintain blood pressure.

What is meditation?

Meditation is a mind body Practice in CAM or complementary and alternative medicine. [1] It can be of many types, most of which have originated from traditions, religion, etc. There are certain techniques used by those who practice meditation. These techniques include focused attention, a specific body posture and no attention or opening to distractions without much response or reaction.

People from all over the world practice meditation for a variety of reasons. Some meditate as part of the culture or traditions that may have been followed in families or society for many years. Some meditate to increase focus, improve health, etc. It has been beneficial to maintain good health and also to reduce the risk of many health diseases.

Types of meditation

When taken from the concept of religion, it may involve the use of prayer accounts or any other element deemed sacred for a particular religion. Meditation can be expert when you are standing, sitting or in the active form that is common among Buddhists. [2] Physical fitness incorporates its use together with others. ceremonies as Yoga. It is considered that this process can generate various forms of emotional state or, alternatively, encourage the development of a mental reflex given to various occurrences in the environment, such as compassion, anger and hatred. It has a calming and relieving result that helps direct self-consciousness inward until pure, controlled consciousness is realized.

One of the main advantages of practicing meditation is that it is safe and until now there are no injuries associated with it. A person does not need any type of equipment to meditate; all that is needed is enough space. For this reason, doctors recommend this practice to patients suffering from stress-related conditions.

It can be practiced under the supervision of doctors, health specialists and yoga and meditation teachers. You can also self-direct and practice, however, it is suggested to first learn the technique under the guidance of teachers or doctors and then practice it on your own. There are several schools of meditation or arts such as Zen, Tibetan, Transcendental, tai chi and martial arts that teach the correct techniques of meditation.

Fifteen to twenty minutes of meditation every day is good and helps relax the body, mind and soul. Studies have been conducted to determine the various health benefits of meditation and its impact on daily life.

Few common things through types [1] of meditation include

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Location: A quiet location is always preferred for meditation, as it helps minimize distractions.

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Body posture: Depending on the type of meditation the position is decided. It could be sitting in a place, standing or lying down.

Focus: different types of meditations use different things to focus on. One can focus on a mantra or object or breathe in the feeling while meditating.

Open attitude: distracting thoughts can keep coming while you practice meditation. It is important that the meditator try not to lose focus. One can simply observe the thoughts and slowly return attention to the focus. This may take some time, but with regular practice, you may not be affected by distracting thoughts.

Benefits for the health of meditation

The health benefits of meditation include stress relief, regulated blood pressure, prevention of anemia and many others.

Relieve the stress

Starting a daily ten-minute meditation session can help reduce stress levels. Many people suffer from this condition, especially due to the Lifestyle and the challenges that exist in modern society. It may not be easy to notice the level of stress that is building up and without taking precautionary measures, it is possible for one to slip into advanced stages that could lead to serious health problems. A good remedy for this condition is relaxation, which is easily achieved through meditation. The find of researchers suggests that transcendental meditation can reduce the risk of psychological disorders and hypertension among young adults. [3]

Decrease blood pressure

Meditation is also beneficial in controlling blood pressure levels. A research study suggests that the practice of transcendental meditation may be beneficial in lowering the blood pressure of those who face a high risk of hypertension or psychological stress. [3]

Treat insomnia

Lack of sleep It can lead to serious health consequences, including fatigue and lack of appetite. People who suffer from insomnia depend on sleeping pills to help them sleep. Some have even tried to follow a regular sleep pattern, but still, the condition persists. Studies have been conducted to test the effect of meditation on sleep patterns and results suggests that the regular practice of conscious meditation can help develop ways of working with nocturnal symptoms and arousing the consequences of chronic insomnia. [4]

<img title = "meditationinfo" class = "alignleft size-full wp-image-31858 lazy keep-away" src = "https://www.organicfacts.net/wp-content/uploads/meditationinfo.jpg" alt = " meditationinfo” height=”900″ width=”1200″>Prevents acute respiratory infection (ARI)

The health benefits of meditation include reducing the risk of acute respiratory infections. ARI caused by viruses and influenza It is one of the common diseases that affect many. Good health and a strong immune system can protect the body from ARI. Exercise and meditation are some of the activities that have proved useful. A research study suggests that regular meditation can help reduce ARI disease. [5]

It is used to treat irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Full attention Meditation training helps maintain good health and relieve irritable bowel syndrome. [6] A study conducted in women with IBS suggests that it is effective in reducing the severity of IBS.

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Reduces anxiety

Meditation helps reduce anxiety. recommendations One study suggests that meditation reduces anxiety, blood pressure and helps improve the quality of life. [7]

Increase pain tolerance

Meditation has been used as a therapy to increase pain tolerance. A investigation study It suggests that there was an increase in pain tolerance of people after meditation and the pain scores provided by the subjects also decreased significantly. [8]

Improves sexual health

An inclusion of meditation is effective in sex Therapy for the treatment of women with sexual arousal disorder. Results of a study conducted in 2008 showed that there was a significant improvement in sexual anguish and sexual desire. [9] It also showed an improvement trend in depression Dozens of women with a history of sexual abuse.

AIDS weight loss

Until now, emotional feeding is one of the factors that contribute greatly to the increase in obesity cases in both adults and adolescents. This type of eating disorder pushes a person to consume large amounts of food even when he is not hungry. It is caused mainly by unmanageable stress, anxiety, boredom and sadness. The inclusion of meditation helps control weight loss and the conditions associated with a poor eating habit. The control of the portions consumed directly results in a reduction of the total body weight.

Increase memory

Meditation cultivates and promotes surveillance of the mind and this matters a lot when it comes to the level of intelligence that is considered high or the appropriate percentage. There are different ways to improve a person's IQ, such as regular meditation. Meditation helps to improve. cognitive Functions and reduction of responses to psychological stress. It also helps reduce the forgetting rate.

It is used to treat chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

CFS refers to severe fatigue that can be caused by inflammation of the nervous system or the human herpes virus. Meditation can also be Useful in the reduction of pain and in the treatment of anxiety and depression. [10]


The meditation process involves a certain level of training that acts as a guide. All the above results can only be achieved by learning from an expert how to perform this practice in the right way. Finding those who have mastered different variations of meditation is no longer a difficult task, especially with the existence of the Internet. There are several sources of information that offer free / paid lessons on how to start meditation. Alternatively, one can obtain information from those who have been in the practice of meditation for a long time to obtain information on where to find a trainer. Staying healthy is very important and this is possible through meditation.

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