10 wonderful benefits of calcium

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Among all the health benefits of calcium, the most important are that it helps maintain bone and dental health, as well as helps in the prevention of colon cancer and the reduction of obesity. We need it from birth until we reach old age. In our days of lactation, it is necessary for the correct growth of bones and teeth; during adolescenceAs bones develop, calcium becomes essential again to support growth.

Finally, when we get older, our bones tend to be porous and weak, so they require an abundant intake of calcium. With so many luxury diets around us, we often tend to avoid calcium intake. foods As do the whole food groups, including dairy products. This avoidance often results in their deficiency.

Reports say that conditions of calcium deficiency increase continuously, especially in women who follow low-calorie diets to lose weight and, therefore, face the threat of osteoporosis. Therefore, it is extremely important to consume enough calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, and K2 throughout your life.

Calcium forms 2% of the total body weight in an adult. It is found in bones and teeth in large volumes. Traces of the mineral are also present in the circulatory System, which prevents haemorrhages dangerous to life.

Symptoms of calcium deficiency

Recognizing the deficiency Calcium in the body is quite easy. [1] It has some very obvious symptoms, including the following:

Pain and contraction of muscles Cramps and spasms Palpitations High blood pressure Osteoporosis Loose tooth Diseases of the gums Insomnia Premenstrual tetanus cramps Hypertension Arthritis

Often, children who have not been fed calcium since birth, suffer from rickets, in which the bones become weak and flexible, as a result, they have arched legs, sunken chest and ribs with beads. Therefore, a regular supply of calcium is very important in the growth of children and adolescents, since it can substantially reduce the risks of osteoporosis in old age. Osteoarthritis It is a common ailment in one in three women and in one man in 12, over 50 years of age.

Dietary sources

There are many sources of calcium, these include the following:

Milk and dairy products like cheese Y yogurt Nuts Tinned Salmon Seeds Legumes of fish (salmon and sardinesGreen leafy vegetables (broccoli, Spinach, etc.) Orange juice Cereals oysters Rice drinks Soy Almonds Black-eyed peas Green peas Ricota

It is a popular idea that milk is the largest source of mineral, but this is not the case; Broccoli can increase your levels in your diet faster. It is also worth noting that semi-skimmed milk and whole milk have very similar calcium contents.

Benefits of health

It is an essential mineral for healthy bones, gums and teeth. Doctors often recommend women to take calcium supplements, especially those that show early signs of bone. problems such as osteoporosis or osteopenia. [2]

Strengthens bones

Calcium strengthens the spine, helps relieve the presence of Back pain, and keeps the bones in their proper form. It also prevents arthritis and osteoporosis, which one It could hinder your freedom of movement and be extremely painful. [3]Infographic of the benefits of calcium.


Calcium helps efficiently maintain an optimal body weight in both men and women. If there is any deficiency of the mineral in your diet, the body will tend to release the parathyroid hormone, which in turn stimulates the bones to release it into your body. blood. This maintains the balance. On the other hand, the parathyroid hormone also stimulates the production of fat and prevents it from breaking down, which can later make you obese. Basically, make sure you are taking the correct amount of calcium so that obesity does not enter.

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Protects the cardiac muscles

Protects you heart muscles [4] Sufficient amounts of this essential mineral can help the heart muscles contract and relax properly. It also helps the nervous system maintain adequate pressure in the arteries. If there is a drop of calcium, a hormone called calcitriol is released, which contracts the smooth muscles of the arteries, which increases blood pressure. Cardiac muscles need extracellular calcium ions for contraction. When the intracellular concentration calcium increases, the ions come together in the protein troponin This stimulates the secretion of extracellular fluid and intracellular reserves, including that of skeletal muscle, which is only activated by calcium stored in the sarcoplasmic reticulum.

Prevents colon cancer

Adequate calcium prevents the overall risk of colon Cancer and suppresses the growth of polyps that can lead to cancer. Its supplementation reduces the risk of adenomas and non-malignant tumors of the colon. This is at present a precursor to colon cancer, but it is not yet known if calcium intake minimizes cancer risk completely. [5] The excess mineral remains in your intestines after your body absorbs what it needs. On its way through the colon, it is believed that this unabsorbed calcium binds to the cancer promoters so that they are removed together from the body. Studies have shown that both food sources and their supplements provide this protective effect. Supplements should be taken in liquid form because the fluids vitamins Absorbs 5 times better than pills.

Reduces premenstrual depression

Adequate amounts of calcium decrease the symptoms of a premenstrual syndrome such as dizziness, mood swings, hypertension, and many others. Low levels of the mineral can trigger the release of hormones that are responsible for premenstrual mood swings, including irritability and depression.

Prevents kidney stones

Kidney stones are really crystallized. deposits of calcium and others minerals In the human urinary tract. [6] The most common form of kidney stones are oxalate stones. Previously, it was thought that a high intake or high absorption of minerals develop kidney stones, but more recent studies show that a high intake of calcium in the diet significantly reduces the risk of kidney stones. Other factors, such as the high consumption of oxalate in leafy vegetables such as kale and spinach, as well as reduced consumption of liquids, can also be an important cause of kidney stones.

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Alkaline pH controls

Junk food, excess sugars, and preserved foods contribute to form acidity in the body, which in turn could lead to various conditions such as cancer, kidney stones and hypertension. Calcium helps maintain a healthy pH level, which improves your vitality and your overall health.

Regulates blood pressure

Research has stated that a vegetarian diet with high amounts of calcium, magnesium, potassiumY fiber will result in a regulated blood pressure. While other researchers concluded that the increase in intake produces hypertension. Later, it was found that the reason for such varied results was because these studies tested the effect of individual nutrients rather than the food sources that have that. nutritional content. The National Institutes of Health conducted a investigation study called "Dietary approaches to stop hypertension (DASH)." [7] The "typical American" diet was compared with two altered diets that were rich in fruits and vegetables and a "DASH" combination diet filled with fruits, vegetables and calcium. The results showed a decrease in blood pressure.

To help test the combined effect of nutrients that include calcium from food on blood pressure, a study was conducted to investigate the impact of various eating patterns on blood pressure. This study examined the effects of three different diets on high blood pressure and found that the combined effects of several foods still showed that it was beneficial in terms of blood pressure.

Dental care

Calcium protects your teeth by keeping the jaw bone strong and resistant throughout your life, which in turn ensures that the teeth fit well where the bacteria can not thrive. Therefore, before your teeth and gums begin to give you a problem, be sure to maintain a diet rich in calcium. Your intake should be high, especially at an early age, so that children can grow with strong teeth.

Transport of nutrients

It helps in the easy movement of nutrients through cell membranes.


Calcium, being the most important mineral, tends to be neglected more. Children usually worry about having milk and eventually stop drinking milk altogether. It must be widely known that such deficiencies can result in many long-term illnesses. If milk and milk products are not desirable, try combining these ingredients with other cereals and prepare recipes that include milk and milk products. However, all stores of dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals have supplements in their stores, although it is always advisable to consult a doctor before starting any medicinal treatment.

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