10 reasons to add chia seeds to your diet

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What are chia seeds?

Chia seeds are small black or white seeds native to Mexico that come from a plant with flowers & # 39; Salvia Hispanica & # 39; which is related to the mint family. Do not be fooled by its size, as they have a nutritional blow. In fact, chia comes from the Mayan word meaning "force" and these seeds were an important food for the Aztecs and Maya, as they valued their ability to boost yield and provide lasting energy, as well as a food for generations to prosper .

Here are 10 benefits of adding chia seeds to your diet

Chia seeds reduce digestion, resulting in a significant improvement in blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Chia seeds are rich in protein, which makes them an excellent complement to any vegetarian or vegetarian diet. With more than 20% omega 3, eating this small and nutritious seed will increase your dietary intake of essential fatty acids, amino acids and prebiotics. Chia seeds contain natural antioxidants that protect the sensitive fats of the seeds so that they do not turn rancid, protect the nutrients and give the chia seeds a naturally long shelf life. Chia is also rich in nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, manganese and phosphorus. Chia seeds contain the amino acid tryptophan that helps improve and regulate appetite, sleep and mood. Due to the high fiber content of chia seeds, they absorb up to 10 times their own weight in water, which creates a gel consistency, so they can be used in the kitchen to replace eggs that are beneficial for vegans and those with egg intolerance. The carbohydrates in chia seeds are predominantly fiber. They contain soluble and insoluble fiber that are important for intestinal health. Insoluble fiber makes up about 80 percent of the fiber in chia seeds. Chia also expands in the stomach to feel fuller for longer and can also help regulate bowel movements and control constipation. Chia seeds have a mild flavor, which makes them a versatile food that can be added to baked goods, smoothies, yogurts, muesli, soaked in water or milk to make a chia pudding and more. Finally, since they are just one ingredient, chia seeds are raw, gluten-free, dairy, cereals, eggs and nuts, and are also suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

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Are chia seeds a part of your diet?

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