10 rare and strange mental disorders that will blow your mind

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Rare and strange mental disorders that will blow your mind

There are so many rare strange mental disorders of which one has never heard or even thought. You must have seen some weird and crazy things that people do, well … we Call them crazy, but the reality is that they might be suffering from some mental disorder. There are thousands of mental disorders, of which we have never heard. We have chosen the 10 rarest, rare weird Mental disorders that will make your mind fly. They are as crazy as their names. This article will definitely let us know everything about these rare weird Weird mental disorders So, the next time you find someone doing crazy things, keep these 10 mental problems in your mind.

mental disorders

one.) From Cotard Delirium or Cotard syndrome

It is also known as "The Walking Dead Syndrome". The person who suffers this feels that he is dead, that he does not exist or that his organs have been removed. In very rare cases, it may include delusions of immortality. The person withdraws from the social world and demands to be treated as a corpse. They do not recognize themselves in the mirror. In one case, the person wanted to get dressed in a shroud and placed in a coffin. It's scary, is not it?

2.) Body Identity Integrity Disorder (BIID)

In this disorder, a person feels that they would live a happy life if they were amputated. An amputee is a condition in which a limb (s) is surgically removed. When a healthy person with all limbs working perfectly thinks that a certain limb is of no use, then he wants to be cut and live a life with amputation. Seriously, some people are crazy.

3.) Capgras Delusion

Just imagine that one day your spouse suddenly refuses to accept you saying you are an impostor of the original. In that case the person is suffering from Capgras Delusion. In this disorder, a person believes that their spouse, their child or any other close relative has been replaced by an identical-looking person. It usually occurs after a brain injury and in three stages. It is most common in females for a 3: 2 ration. In one case, Madame M. was convinced that her family and neighbors had been replaced by similar ones. She said she had had 80 husbands, an impostor would simply leave to make room for a new one. Yes, Total Recall is based on this disorder.

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4.) Asperger's syndrome

It's a form of autism, but it differs in a way that people with Asperger syndrome have normal intelligence and function better. In this syndrome, a person faces difficulties in social interaction and non-verbal communication. It has a restricted range of interests and shows repetitive behavior. Sometimes they lack the ability to understand things from the perspective of other people. It usually occurs in men with a ratio of 4: 1 and usually occurs between 2 and 6 years of age.

5.) Savant syndrome

Now this is interesting. A person suffering from Savant Syndrome, known as Savant, shows excellent and remarkable talents in some specific fields, but is below other normal areas. This syndrome usually occurs after a certain brain injury. Most of the time they have excellent memories, they can perform super fast calculations, they have artistically and musical ability and it can be incredibly strong. You will find many documentaries about Savants doing activities outside the league. Now that you want to suffer from this disease.

6.) Dissociative identity disorder

DID or more commonly known as Multiple Personality Disorder is a mental disorder in which a person behaves as if there were many people living within it. No, not only is it limited to movies and they do exist in reality. In this disorder, a person shows traits and behaves as different people at different times and situations. The person does not remember what he had done while he was in another personality. This disorder arises due to some severe trauma or due to depression. A woman in the United States was found with 31 personalities. Strange and strange.

7.) Clinic lycanthropy

In this disorder, a person believes that they can transform into, or have transformed into, a non-human animal. This is one of the rarest disorders and most of the time people believe that it can transform into a werewolf. Many films are made about the concept of clinic. lycanthropy.

A person shows symptoms such as growling, walking on hands and legs, biting objects or improper eating habits. Scary!

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8.) Olfactory reference syndrome

Have you ever thought that it really stinks or smells, but in reality it does not? If the answer is affirmative, then he suffers from a very strange mental disorder called Olfactory Reference Syndrome. In this disorder, a person feels that they are emitting an abnormal body odor, which is offensive to others. Because of this they feel embarrassed, ashamed and suffer from social phobia. This list is going crazy seriously.

9.) Bipolar disorder

Also called manic-depressive illness, in this disorder a person goes through extreme mood swings. During the mania phase, he remains happy, energetic and loves to talk. And in the depression phase, he starts crying, loses social meetings and sleeps most of the time. There is a very high risk of suicide or self-harm in the case of bipolar disorder. The patient's mood changes at a very fast pace. The main cause of this disorder is a lot of time, stress or child abuse.

10.) Trichotillomania

It is common that when we are nervous we tend to pull our hair. Trichotillomania It is a mental disorder in which a person feels the need to remove their hair. Hair, eyebrows, body hair and even pubic hair, they just want to get rid of them. Removing the hairs gives them a sense of relief. This disorder becomes dangerous when the person begins to eat those hairs and develops serious diseases. So we wait you the need to remove hair is only for that game of cricket.

Our world is strange and so are disorders. People suffer from disorders so rare that we can not even imagine. Some of the disorders can be treated with medicines and proper care, but what we all have to keep in mind is that these people are sick and need help. Do not ignore them, be with them.

10 rare bizarre mental disorders that will blow your mind,
Reference: https://www.trendsnhealth.com/10-rare-bizarre-mental-disorders/

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