10 quick and easy ways to eat your greens!

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We know they are good for us, but some days it may be harder than others to get our greens in! We have found 10 easy ways for you to add more vegetables to your day so you can benefit from all its cleaning and alkalizing properties, even when life goes crazy!

1. Green smoothie

It's fast, hassle-free and even easier when you create your own shake packs and place them in the freezer ahead of time. Simply add your vegetables, a little fruit, a little coconut water or milk and a teaspoon or two of your favorite super foods in a reusable container or bag, zip and freeze. Add a little water or milk to your blender when it's time for your smoothie! Here is how to make the perfect green smoothie!

2. green juice

Making juice is one of the fastest ways to nourish your body with the easy-to-absorb nutrients that energize your body in minutes! It is also portable! If you do not have time to make them, you can buy one in a juice bar or simply add your favorite vegetable powder to the water, and that's it! Try our Perfect Green Juice!

3. Green Bliss Balls

These delicious treats are full of nutrients and contain hidden green powder that no one will notice! They are great to have on hand in the fridge, Making the perfect little power booster!

4. Steamed or sautéed greens

Many green leafy vegetables contain fat-soluble vitamins, so to absorb them better, we need to eat our vegetables with a little fat! Lightly sauté the vegetables in a little oil, or steam them for a few minutes and sprinkle with extra virgin olive oil, walnut oil or serve with avocado, it will help you make sure you get the most out of your vegetables! Try this delicious Sweet Potato and Kale Hash for a delicious meal idea.

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5. salads

A super simple way to include more vegetables in your diet is to enjoy a salad. But to avoid the boredom of eating the same salads day after day, change things! Why not try this Lemony Millet with chickpeas, corn and spinach?

6. Lettuce Cups / Wraps

Do you want an easy way to make tacos, burritos or rolls of rice paper? Use green leaves instead! Green cabbages, silver beet, lettuce, Swiss chard and even cabbage are excellent cups or wrappers and help increase the nutrient intake of these alkalizing foods! Are you looking for inspiration for dinner? Make these cups of lentil lettuce!

7. Green powders

By far, the fastest way to increase your daily vegetable intake is to use a high quality powder. Superfoods such as spirulina, chlorella, wheat grass and barley grass are powerful sources of food that allow you to get a high dose of goodness. a short period of time! Find more here

8. Immerse it!

Creating a green bath is a convenient way to use green leaves that look a little old and withered. Try this Super Greens Dip With avocado, spinach and cilantro. It is full of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. Use cucumber, green peppers and other green vegetables to get even more vegetables in your snack!

9. Basil-free pesto

It's great to have the pesto at hand. It is full of flavor and can make the difference in a simple meal. We dare to say it's one of the tastiest ways to get your greens! We have a free version of dairy products that is easy to prepare at any time and will fill your kitchen with the pungent aromas of basil and garlic. Make this delicious basil pesto!

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10. Tuscan Kaleslaw

It still holds its place as one of the most nutrient-rich leafy vegetables available, and yet, when eaten raw, it can be a bit difficult to swallow. How to make it work in a salad? Cut it into thin slices and massage this amazing salad dressing in this. Tuscan Kaleslaw!

What is your favorite way to get vegetables in your day?

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