10 potent herbal ingredients we're loving!

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Regardless of whether you are paleo, vegan or pescatarian, we can all agree that vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds should make up the majority of our diets. But, unfortunately, this is where most of us struggle to find confidence in the kitchen.

Our goal is to help you, and the world, eat more vegetables, so here we present some of our favorite plant-based ingredients that we love at the moment.

Plus, Join our 10-day plant-based challenge to get access to 10 recipe videos to learn how you can use these ingredients, along with the 10-day meal plan so you can prepare. You will also receive daily interviews with leading experts in daily plants and health documentaries to keep you motivated!

one. Cauliflower

High in fiber Rich in phytochemicals High in vitamin K Low in carbohydrates Good source of folate Good source of magnesium May reduce the risk of heart disease Improves digestion

Learn to use this vegetable in the Recipe of Mac and Cheese!

two. Black beans

Great source of protein High in fiber An incredible source of carbohydrates Rich in magnesium Antioxidants that fight diseases Rich in folate High in vitamin B1

Discover how to use this ingredient in the Mexican Chili Recipe!

3. Zucchini

High source of antioxidants Rich in vitamin C Anti-inflammatory properties Ability to reduce cholesterol High source of potassium Helps to improve digestion Energizing vitamins B

Discover how to use this vegetable in the Marinara Pasta Recipe!

Four. Spaghetti squash

Great gluten-free option for noodles. High fiber content Build healthy bones Great source of iron. High content of vitamin A. Rich in vitamin C.

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Learn to use this vegetable in the Easy Cashew Basil Pesto with Spaghetti Pumpkin Noodle Recipe!

5. Mushrooms

Benefits of immune reinforcement High in antioxidants Energizing B vitamins Rich in copper and selenium Natural cancer fighting Lower inflammation Improves energy and brain function

Discover how to use mushrooms in the Mushroom Stroganoff Recipe!

6 Red cabbage

Immune booster Combats inflammation and arthritis Rich in phytonutrients Helps healthy bones High in vitamin K Great source of antioxidants Rich in vitamin C

Discover how to use this vegetable in the The easiest peanut noodle recipe ever Thai!

7 Chickpeas

Great source of protein of vegetable origin High in fiber Rich in iron Slow release carbohydrate Helps control blood sugar levels Improves digestion Vitamins and essential minerals Protects against heart disease

Discover how to use this ingredient in the Baked Falafel Recipe!

8 Broccoli

Antioxidants that fight cancer Promotes strong bones Rich in vitamin K Great source of calcium Maintains heart health High in fiber Reduces cholesterol naturally Increases intestinal and digestive health Rich in vitamin C and vitamin A

Discover how to use this vegetable in the Easy red Thai curry recipe!

9. Sweet potato

Great source of fiber Rich in vitamin A and C High in manganese Excellent for stable levels of blood sugar High in antioxidants Increases brain function Increases immunity Promotes eye health

Discover how to use this vegetable in the Roasted Vegetable Salad with Turmeric and Yogurt Dressing Recipe!

10 Quinoa

Great gluten-free alternative Source of high-quality vegetable protein Rich in fiber Great source of antioxidants Helps the health of the heart Rich in potassium and magnesium A great prebiotic Helps bone health

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Learn to use this ingredient in the Steamed vegetables and quinoa with satay sauce sauce!

We will share all of these recipes during our 10-day plant-based challenge, starting on Monday! Invite a friend and join here.

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