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While yoga and ecological sound seem like a perfect match, the two do not always go hand in hand. We are closing that karmic gap with 10 of our favorite ecological yoga essentials.

Beyond doing a good exercise, yoga is deeply rooted in a philosophical belief system, linking the self with the other and beyond, the mind and body with the heart and soul, and so on. It's about knowing who we are uniquely at a fundamental level, as well as a community.

Translated from Sanskrit, yoga literally means "union" or "connection". This same consciousness and connection that brings us to our carpets regularly must also, in a karmic sense, return and sustain. While yogis and the environment are a perfect combination, such as avocado and toast, or salt and pepper, in the case of yoga, it is still possible to practice one without the other.

Just like our position with regard to food and health, we firmly believe in voting with your fork, putting your money where your mouth is and in the terms of yoga, extending your practice beyond the limit. To help close that karmic gap between feeling good about yourself and doing good for the environment, we put together 10 of our favorite eco-yoga essentials that will feel good to use in your practice.

Prana Yoga Clothing

Prana does everything possible to reduce its carbon footprint and give back to the people and places with which they do business. He is known for obtaining sustainable materials, from organic cotton to recycled polyester wool, and hemp is a member of the Fair Labor Association, and has fair trade and labor policies to ensure not only a high quality product but also healthy and happy employees . Buy everything from yoga clothes for men and women to casual clothes, mats, blocks, bags, towels and belts.

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Teeki yoga bottoms, tops and mats are made from recycled plastic water bottles in spun fibers, transforming a product that takes 400 years to biodegrade into clothes that are as ecological as elegant and comfortable.


Satva prides itself on buying cotton in the purest form possible (organic, without GMOs, free of pesticides and fertilizers) and, once woven, also free of bleaches, toxic waxes and heavy metals. Only dyes from natural and non-toxic plants are used in the production of their garments. In addition, its partnership with Suminter India OrganicsĀ®, helps ensure a link between the consumer and the planet, and production and the community and farming communities.

Manduka Yoga Mat Spray

Committed to 100% transparency with its company's green practices, Manduka has a well-equipped line of sustainable yoga products and equipment. What stood out to us was their yoga mat cleaner and multi-use sprays, which are certified as organic, naturally antibacterial, completely biodegradable and chemical free. They help to fight odors, keep your mat disinfected, they also have an incredible smell and add aromatherapy benefits to your practice.

Yoga bags

These beautiful and ethically crafted Chattra drawstring canvas bags are made with traditional handmade textile printing techniques. By supporting Chattra, you help them support individuals and small non-profit organizations in India and the United States in their efforts to address the challenges of their communities, such as Shanti life.

Kulae yoga towel

Kulae creates sustainable mats and towels that do not contain latex or silicone, are 100% recyclable and can be machine washed. Their products are not only ecological, they are also durable and made to last.

Barefoot yoga jute mat

Rated as number 1 by The New York Times for eco-friendly yoga mats, Barefoot has created a durable mat with jute fiber and natural rubber (contains latex).

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S'well water bottles

Free of plastic and BPA, made of brushed steel in a variety of colors, patterns and designs, S & # 39; well has driven its mission of "Healthy Helpful Happy" by returning ten percent of net sales to WaterAid, which supports programs that improve access to clean water and sanitation in the world's poorest communities. Of course, they also help the environment by changing plastic water bottles, some 50 billion of which accumulate in landfills every year. If that is not enough for us to drink from our elegant custom canteen, how about the fact that they also help keep the drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12?

Buddha nose deodorant spray

These balsams and natural aerosols contain zero chemicals, dyes or preservatives. Instead, they are filled with oils and mixtures of potent essential oils, ethically raised or cultivated ethically by the USDA, so you can feel renewed with all the benefits and without the slightest doubt.

Ursa Major face wipes

Ursa Major is committed to providing the most effective, quality and natural skin care products that exist. These wipes are not only obtained from 100% bamboo fiber, but are free of petrochemicals, sulphates, parabens, fragrances or synthetic dyes, glycols, silicones or PEG, and provide a quick and easy solution for cleaning after yoga , at the same time that they combine exfoliating AHA. Moisturizing, and soothing ingredients in an aromatic product.

How green is your yoga practice? Are there organic products that I highly recommend?

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