10 incredible benefits of rum

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Drinking rum is not only a wonderful way to enjoy a tropical vacation, but it can also provide a host of health benefits.

What is rum?

Rum is a type of alcohol that is produced from by-products of sugarcane and is produced mainly in the Caribbean, as well as in Central America and Mexico, among many others. This gluten-free alcohol is typically sweet and bitter with a burnt taste, and comes in two main types, light and dark, based on the aging process. Although the exact origins of rum are unknown, it has been widely produced in the Caribbean for more than 500 years. Play an important cultural role in many tropical areas, but also has a unfortunate Part in the history, since it was a central element of the slave trade. [1]

The alcohol content of rum varies from 40 to 60%; This alcohol is also very popular in tropical. cocktails as well as common drinks, like rum and coke. The same as most others types of alcohol, can be perfectly healthy when consumed in moderation, and can even provide a number of surprising health benefits. [2]

nutritional information

In terms of nutrition, a 1-ounce serving of 80 test rum contains approximately 65 calories and zero carbohydrates, which is similar to other hard alcohols with the same alcohol content. It also contains minimum quantities of potassium Y sodium. Certain varieties come in a higher test, which also increases your calorie count.


Although there are not many nutrients in rum, there are a number of health benefits attributed to this popular alcoholic drink, including reduction of muscle pain, prevention of the common cold and osteoporosis, and lowering your risk of cancer.

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Getting better heart Health [3] going down blood pressure and relaxing the body Reducing the risk of common cold Increase longevity through mild antioxidant and antiinflammatory Effects: Strengthening the immune system. Prevention. arthritis Acting as a antiseptic Reducing your risk of gallstones The prevention of mental illnesses, such as Alzheimer's& # 39; S and Parkinson's Managing diabetic symptoms, when consumed in moderation Decreased muscle pain due to its sedative nature


Rum can be used in many ways in our daily lives, both as an alcohol and as an ingredient in culinary preparations. The sweet taste of this alcohol makes it a popular addition to the following:

Ice Cream Cake Baked Products

More popular, however, rum is found in cocktails such as piña coladas and daiquiris.

Side effects

There are a number of side effects when drinking this beverage, especially when consumed in excess. These side effects include the following:

Diarrhea Threw up Dehydration

Some people also claim to have a higher rate of heartburn and indigestion when they consume this beverage. As with any other alcoholic beverage, drinking too much can increase your chances of liver Cancer Y cirrhosis. [4] You should always practice the consumption of rum in moderation.

10 incredible benefits of rum, reference: https://www.organicfacts.net/rum.html

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