10 health benefits that ginger should know

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Do you think you have enough? I'll tell you a little secret about feeling abundant in your life, if you think you have enough, then yes. Simple truth? Step # 1 will unlock this superpower …


This is not a new concept, but many of us are unhappy and constantly look for more. Gratitude should become part of your daily routine, as important as brushing your teeth. In my little family, after reading bedtime stories, we take turns saying what we are grateful for that day. Sometimes it's as simple as having a warm bed and a full belly.


Is there something in your past that you wish you had done differently? It may be that you have had some trauma that still haunts you OR that there is something in your life that you can not control but that you are trying anyway. It's not serving you and it's time to LET GO! Try this, write a letter of your future self that has successfully overcome whatever it is, explain why it is holding you back and how wonderful your life is without having to repeat this sad story in your head. Once you do it, there will be a magnificent space created for something new and wonderful in your life, that will take me to my next point …


How is your life last? What scares you and excites you at the same time? Go towards it! Allow yourself to dream BIG; There really are no limitations, except those that you create for yourself. Fear of failure or rejection? Do it anyway! Do you really want to spend your life on the sidelines? Take that leap of faith and do not look back, that's the key. No matter what happens, keep moving!

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4. refuel

The habits of successful people have been well researched and there is one in particular that can not be denied: take a break and refuel. It is not until we get out of our daily routines that we gain a much needed perspective and energy. If it is not on the right track, most of the time a change happens that drives us in the right direction.

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